Horrorcow Randy Stair / Andrew Blaze / PioneersProductions & Ember's Ghost Squad (EGS) - Columbine fanboy who shot up a supermarket for his Ghost Waifu & A Rising Cult Left in his Wake


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It is part of the story, that ghosts don't eat. One of the characters wants some candy, and the others berate her for it because they don't need to eat. There's even a clip of a character saying "big greasy oily buttholes" over and over again, although I can't find it right now.

I've been watching the "documentary", and it's actually much more interesting than I'd expected. When this shit originally went down I'd checked out some of his videos and such, just kinda blew it off as bad art and whatever. I didn't realize how much shit he'd uploaded that shows huge glaring red flags.

It's strange to see someone who is so, so deeply emotional and dramatic about their 'feelings' but yet also so shallow. Beyond shallow even for a teenager or a young adult. He seems so incredibly sheltered. It seems like he was definitely genuinely mentally ill, probably somewhat aware of it, and then he looked for things to blame. Things like being super emotionally distraught over a previous classmate's death, a dude he barely knew and wasn't close with. He laments not having a girlfriend, but in the same breath goes on and on about how he doesn't care about anyone at all. I have a twinge of compassion for that,since he was obviously ill, but he's incredibly unlikable.

While it's typical that most crossdressers aren't gay.... I think Randy probably was, and deeply ashamed of it. He tried to kinda rationalize that out as having a "female soul". It's likely this weird fixation with having no asshole was probably something to do with that, can't be gay if you don't get fucked in the butt, I guess? There's other allusions to this sort of thing, notably that weird really old video he did where he gets "raped" by the stuffed whale. I can see why people didn't take that seriously at the time but it's a really strange video since the lead up to it was just yknow, the goofy horsehead and wooden alligator shit, which is super silly. How that turned into this dark rape story, along with the Danny Phantom thing...idk.


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So I just checked out the EGS wiki to see if anything has changed, and apparently there will be more EGS related stuff in the wiki (Made by Naze) in 2020. I'm on mobile when I checked out the wiki, I can't take a screenshot sadly.

I am curious on what Naze will do to continue EGS tbh.

Btw, let me know if someone in this thread already mentioned this.

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