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Nov 26, 2016
This picture is in need of rare gator. Please and thankyou. View attachment 1974854
If you can find a photo with 100% reduction in manlets and faggotry, I can fill it up with rare gaydurs.
Or you want some of them standing by these AFPAC subhumans?

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Aug 18, 2020
Here's a rare Chuckygator
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Spoilered due to breakfast time

One time my roommate came home from his night shift working security at a hospital, and had a phone video to show me. (It's a certain Pacific coastal city with plenty of drugs, deviants, and mental illness, which I know narrows things down nicely...)

This woman in her mid to late 30's walked into the emergency waiting room, holding hands with a man roughly the same age...and he was dressed just like the "My Buddy" doll from the 80's--full-on cosplay level costume--and walking like a toddler and doing all the things a little kid would do in a waiting room, with the fidgeting and reading Highlights Magazine and fooling with crayons, all that.

Then he starts having a tantrum. So what does the woman do? Starts "breastfeeding" him. Just opens her shirt and sticks a floppy tit in his mouth, right there in front of everyone. At that point, my friend had to quit filming the security monitor and laughing with his coworkers and go break up the party.

So he gets to the emergency room to tell them to quit, and the woman snaps at him that she's having a miscarriage and needed to see someone STAT. They get her set up in a room and ask what's going on, and she starts screaming about how she's bleeding to death and needs Vicodin, and shows everyone her nasty bloody business down there.

Turned out she was just on her period, and they told her so and told her to go home, and she started flipping out and throwing things screaming "I NEED THAT FUCKING VICODIN" and the "My Buddy" man started screaming and crying and tardin' out so bad that they had to call the cops and let them handle it.

Wait aw fuck that's "Chucky" not "My Buddy." I mix them up because they have the same clothes.

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