Trainwreck Raven Sparks / Diana Bradley - Globe-trotting gothic grandma, married a child, abandoned her kid, serial pet-murderer


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You know how Gravy is always reeing about hate sites? She was outed on the other farm as a prolific poster. She has made over 600 posts. Amusingly, many of them are about Onision. Cow crossover! Here's a link to most of the posts.

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LCF posters aka the Regina Georges of the internet don't hold back.
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I'm just a casual reader of LCF and don't really know anything about how it operates, but how do they know that's Raven and how did they find out?

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I'm just a casual reader of LCF and don't really know anything about how it operates, but how do they know that's Raven and how did they find out?
This is according to The Nool of LCF.
Even if you use a VPN, your browser cookies can give you away as the same poster. It's the same way that they identified Kiki Kannibal's insane sperging and gore posting a few years back.
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Now we're going to discuss the similarities between Maggot and Raven

- We probably wouldn't have sex with either of them because
- They were super dickheads to their kids for dumb reasons
- They're ugly too
- Lots of rambling nonsense and superiority/inferiority complexes in equal measure
- Bad taste in, well, everything
- 1 or maybe 2 degrees of homeless separation (that is to say, goddamn close to the streets in the worst way possible)
- Family hates em
- No friends to speak of
- Might be fucking some poor guy, might not be
- Terrible in bed because reasons

Question for the thread: who'd win in a fight? I got money on Raven, she's chunky which means she can take more damage and you can just tell she's not afraid to fight dirty if it comes down to it


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Question for the thread: who'd win in a fight? I got money on Raven, she's chunky which means she can take more damage and you can just tell she's not afraid to fight dirty if it comes down to it
Oh, Raven for sure. Margo would consider herself too classisch und elegunt to get down and dirty. Raven would just haul off and wail on Margo's old ass without a second thought. The most damage Margo could do would probably be to rip a couple piercings out of Raven's face, but meanwhile Raven would be yanking out clumps of Margo's fried hair by the fistful.

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Goffbags would send in Piltdown to do her fighting, sitting on the side of the ring screeching instructions at him (see; Claudia phone call where she wound him up to about four "booooo'sheeeeyut" per second until the point he just stood there huffing, twitching and sniffing his fingers whilst the hagbag shrieked on in his ear.)

I'm sure Margo could haul some equivalent missing link out of the gutter of wherever the fuck she's currently squatting then we'd be treated to the spectacle of two neanderthals squaring up to each other but having no idea why, just following their primitive instincts and some vain, cloudy hope the endless nagging might stop if only they thump....something. The harridans would both screech and film everything to slap up on uchoob later with a fifteen-part commentary on why the other is a fucking-bitch-and-i-hate-her-but-tell-me-i-look-younger, and Goffbags would look after Couchie's hair from her ringside seat because it mustn't get damaged whilst he's being manly in her honour. It's the only pet she looks after properly, she'd sit stroking it like a really bad Blofeld gone to seed.

And now I want this to happen.
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And now I want this to happen
I would be willing to watch this blessed event and the subsequent "we need donations for Josh's medical bills/post-brawl emergency deep-conditioning hair treatment" videos without using adblock.
After all, times are tough for everyone right now and little Samsung Boost Mobile Bradley is getting older: new AC cords, popsockets and therapy cost money.

I got a bit behind on Raven's latest batch of nonsense, but when getting caught up I happened to notice the "word of advice" she helpfully left on her 500th "final" video about her gross relationship with Logan.
The absolute irony of this human dingleberry sneering at all the "pathetic" anonymous online bullies, right before her posts on lolcow were made public.

Oh Raven, please never change.

We've received hot takes from almost all our beloved bovines regarding the Corona: Gravy can't go out to eat, get tattoos or go to white-trash concerts, I'm optimistic we'll get an update vid any old time now.


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Raven usually lays low after she gets busted for sock-puppet drama and stupidity.

But I’d we don’t hear from Raven soon I figure it’s due to no internet/phone service and they recently (before wuflu) decamped to another trailer following the fourth or fifth eviction saga.

Theyve only managed six or seven months maximum at each hovel they’ve infested. They average getting kicked out of their white trash encampments for not paying rent about twice a year so they were certainly due for a midnight move.

I cant remember which job Josh had (they would put a fake job on his FB to throw off the haters). But even if he’s was an “essential” big box employee I figure even that woouldn‘t last long. I figure he’s hoping he can claim WuFlu unemployment.

They are probably checking the mailbox daily at the latest shitty trailer for a WuFlu check so they can get more Boost credits and pay off their old electric bill balance. Raven probably pissed her years in NZ and no job mean she isn’t getting a WuFlu check.

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One of the interesting things about Raven is that she does go into these brief periods of hibernation. This is definitely not a common thing when the cow gives so goddamn much m.ilk when she's active. I wonder about that. What is she doing?
Trying to come up with some sort of story or narrative that pieces all the lies together for five more minutes? Looking for an actual baby to sit with a Luddite mother? Sitting in darkness because the lights are out and she has no phone service?


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I'm going to guess no phone service and no internet. They are very low-income. Worse, Raven is an extremely impulsive money-spender. I would be shocked if they ever had any savings or any sort of household budget plan. Money comes in and Raven spends it without any thought towards the future or upcoming bills. There's also the possibility of drug abuse. If Raven and Grunt are getting high, there goes any income they might have. Phone and internet become way lower priorities when you have to choose between paying for that, or maintaining your habit.