Trainwreck Raven Sparks / Diana Bradley - Globe-trotting gothic grandma, married a child, abandoned her kid, serial pet-murderer

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Hasn’t mentioned her cell phone since the night of the concert, to my recollection. Maybe she couldn’t pay the bill and it was repossessed.
Repossessed? Ooooo, how very dare, Goffbags would never!

She did what all loving, caring parents do when they find their offspring has a monthly bill has complicated needs their doting parents are, sadly, unable to meet. She put an ad on Craigslist and, by some incredible coincidence, the first person to apply turned out to be a speccy weirdo in a stained raincoat meet her stringent standards. So, after a long period of intense research and with heavy heart, she did what the most loving parent would do and, despite the intense pain it caused her, she sold her cellbaby to the local paedophile ring adopted her most dear child into a loving new home that absolutely does NOT have chains attached to the cellar wall. And that's OBviously ketchup, he just dropped his chips. Up the wall. As you do.

She had to, don't you see? Just like Doja, Dorian and every other living thing that is unfortunate enough to come within six feet of her grasping claws Goffbags took the pain so she could do right by these precious beings and she had to let them all go and oh! the agony of parting; they all take a piece of her when she has to let them go.

Except Couchie, he's just been roofied and propped into position. One day her Cletus will come....

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How many pets do you think Diana's run through in her lifetime? It has to be into triple digits by now.
Depends if you include her blokes.

Oh, silly me. Of course that includes them. Dumb, lumbering beasties all.

Tho there is one that stands out, that will always be loved above all others, that not even Goffbags will eventually leave out in the cold/starve/drown in a bucket, one that is truly her LTIGTL and will never, ever let her down to then feature in a series of intensely vitriolic yet mindblowingly dull at the same time (how?!?!) interminable vids. The one that will always be The One, never to fall from the pedestal until finally buried clutched to her shattered heart; an unbroken embrace for all eternity.

Couchie's hair.

Edited cos prose this purple is hard. But Goffbags deserves no less.

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Why didn't Dear Leader think of that in the latest merch run? Just think of the numbers of t-shirts he could sell if he plastered his face all over them?

Even more than I love the pure narc beauty of that t-shirt, I love the fact it has her face all over it, not just the standard single image. Goffbags, you take narcissism to unknown heights, this is just pioneering - espesh as we all know how much Joshie-poo likes his cheap graphic horror t's; now he has the ultimate one.

And put him back in his coffin. He looks very unwell. If you expose him to too much sun and too much Goffbags, he too might turn into a Lydia like the last one did.


Mama, nobody sends you a turd and expects to live.
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Diana "Raven" Bradley is alive and online. About two weeks ago, she turned Josh into Logan.
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Last week, she bought Josh a T-shirt of her face because she is definitely not a batshit narcissist.
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Milk from
Man she’s fat as fuck again. Photo looks like a 300 lbs saggy titty woman wearing a fat Fu Manchu mask with antelope horns.

Not even an acknowledgement of little Samsung Boost, the ultimate product of their eternal love.