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Future MI5 agent Raven is now employing the risky double bluff technique for Samsung Boost Bradley. She added this text to her lenswhatever video description.

Pay no attention to the baby "video" playing in the background. There's no "real" baby, so there's no need to keep spying and trying to get information to call CPS 😂 I mean, right? 👶🏻 Don't worry, I'll be sure that's the last time I make a video while my "fake" baby is awake or around. Move along, now 😘
But she can’t even commit to a real bluff and instead uses scare quotes on “fake” and makes it obvious she’s trying to be sarcastic because the baby is deffo totes real. I guess this is for the two idiots online who think she had a baby? Idk.

I guess the story is now that she’s just going to hide little Samsung Boost due to haters calling CPS. No one called CPS, no one believes there is a baby, but Raven thinks this is a good cover story. This obviously means she is going to commit to this farce for awhile - which is great news for us.

I can’t even fathom her end game for a fake baby. Obviously the six or seven past fake pregnancy/miscarriage sagas have been to manipulate her current love of her life/victim. I’d believe she has convinced Josh of two miscarriages at this point, but little Samsung Boost is solely for the online audience. Apart from the obvious creating drama angle, I can only guess it has something to do with goading Dorian and Logan or maybe some former BFF speds she got assblasted with online in the past year. Has that goth YT girl (Emily blue?) that Raven copied so hardcore had kids? I could see her even being driven to fake a baby to copy even that.

Amusing to see how many “final goodbye” videos this dumb bint has done in the last six years. She’s kind enough to keep many of her “goodbye forever” videos on her channel. Unlike “fake baby”, putting Raven’s “goodbye forever” video titles in scare quotes is proper usage.
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