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This video is shockingly short by her usual standards, although she really doesn't say anything in it.
I thought she accidentally deleted 3/4 of it.

She said “baby stuff” several times. Not the usual way mothers refer to their new situation. Bright red lipstick and glitter is something I see mothers of newborns wearing all the time.

Suzuki Beane

That cat has unexpected depth

She's making another Logan video ("re-tell the story again without covering for him or putting a nice spin on it") to answer the haydurs, before she has another "hiatus". They should be coming very soon.

"Baby-wise I'm having a hard time" due to her exceptional piercings she can't kiss her child, so she removed her lip rings.

Our gothic grandma requires the wearing of a portable heart monitor because she's such a physical wreck (supraventricular tachycardia). She was hospitalised.
For some reason I watched this video and then the q&a.

No end of year recap like she said she'd do. There's too much she can't tell!

She feels compelled to talk about the whole Logan thing again for the one person out there with a brain. Or something.

Only just noticed that lip spikes are incompatible with caring for an infant, hurting and stabbing and having little hands CLAW and grab! (*Human babies don't have claws. They do have nails, sounds like the little fellow might need a trim....)

The rest is all about the heart monitor, and making a huge deal of it. She might die! (*Very unlikely) She has to wear it until next year! (*a week) They called an ambulance but she wouldn't go to the hospital, because they can't do anything for SVT that can't also be done at home, but still she might die. (*Really unlikely.)

Q&A with Josh

The lip spikes are still there at this point.

So many troll questions. Soz if you had a real question-if she thought you were a troll, it's gone.

The first question is from some poor unfortunate soul asking Raven, and the entire internet,what to do about cyber stalking and bullying. "Block them and move on." Josh had no input.

How have you been? Piltdown said 'workin' , eatin', sleepin' ' (*in a singlewide with a new baby in it? )

What's happened since you've been gone? "Lots. And lots. Can't talk about any of it. Can, but won't."

How are the kids and cats? "Well, there's only one kid.... everyone is great. We love our whole family. " (*Neither of them have the telltale signs of months of broken sleep that attend a new baby.)

Do you enjoy the Christmas season? "No" It's a huge bummer! (*What? Baby's first Christmas was all a-gloom?) "Why can't it be simple like when you're a kid? "(*Because it can't, it's full of added pressure and expense, BUT having a small child in the house can make some of it fun again. Restore some of the shiny magic you recall from younger days...)

Do you still have the dogs? "Yes! They're our babies!" (*Hmmm) Sad dog pix in singlewide bath tub... "They love each other so so so so so so much!" (*No mention on how much they love the baby. No word on how they carefully introduced a newborn to the dogs...)

Are you back on YouTube for good? "Nope. Not obligated to be on YouTube, not obligated to not be on YouTube." Despite saying Goodbye Forever. She loves making videos and being online.

Psyclon, LASIK, etc.

She's not like other Goths with their clothing hauls. She likes crafts, diamond painting, paint by numbers. She will like paint by numbers, she hasn't tried it yet.
(*If there's one thing I know about 0-12 months infant care, it's how much free time you have for crafts. Especially fiddly, messy ones)

What does Josh think about the whole Dorian, Logan, Esa situation? Josh has little to say, it's a mess. He feels bad for Dorian.

What did you do for Thanksgiving? It was great, friends crowded in to eat all the food she cooked but can't eat, and Josh can't eat a whole turkey, and the oven broke, but it was fun!

Plans for the New Year? Stay in' home. They can't be going out drinking etc. Other priorities.

Is there anything you miss about NZ?
The Clothes Warehouse. And Universal healthcare. So important when you have diabetes (*I bet! I hear that can complicate pregnancy no end...) Josh tries to help, suggesting beaches. 'Nah, there's beaches other places.' Much thought, then she said she misses Dorian.

Wig question. Black wig is not a wig. She tugs at it.


ETA I realised I don't have the skills to archive the vid correctly, could someone please do that, I know it's important.
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The Clothes Warehouse
Wait. Like, clothing from The Warehouse? The Warehouse is basically New Zealands version of Walmart. All the clothes are super cheap and Wish-tier quality, and are even lower quality than what you would get at Walmart. Pretty much every other section of the store was fine, but the clothing section was so bad it was the only department that wasn't crowded at the one I went to. I can understand why broke ass Raven was shopping there, but I can't imagine missing it.


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Wait. Like, clothing from The Warehouse? The Warehouse is basically New Zealands version of Walmart. All the clothes are super cheap and Wish-tier quality, and are even lower quality than what you would get at Walmart. Pretty much every other section of the store was fine, but the clothing section was so bad it was the only department that wasn't crowded at the one I went to. I can understand why broke ass Raven was shopping there, but I can't imagine missing it.
Being local to where she lived in NZ, I can only think she means the ''Recycled Clothing Warehouse'' in Christchurch, which is just a giant second-hand clothing shop.

It's a decent place, I have bought shirts there with the tags still on them for like 5% of the original store price, so it would be something worthwhile to miss.

If it's not that, then I cannot think of what she would be referring to, because as you say the only other thing would be ''The Warehouse''.


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Being local to where she lived in NZ, I can only think she means the ''Recycled Clothing Warehouse'' in Christchurch, which is just a giant second-hand clothing shop.
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It's a decent place, I have bought shirts there with the tags still on them for like 5% of the original store price, so it would be something worthwhile to miss.

If it's not that, then I cannot think of what she would be referring to, because as you say the only other thing would be ''The Warehouse''.
I have some family in Auckland, NZ that come here (USA) once a year and send large boxes of second hand clothing back home. It costs more to ship than the clothing costs here but they still say it’s worth it. They would sell half the stuff on Trade Me and that covered all costs for the half they kept.

The entire USA is basically second hand clothing paradise, both vintage and new with tags are cheap af outside of handful of major cities. Used clothes are so plentiful that more than half gets sent over seas to Africa and South America for a few pennies a pound, sorted into blocks the size of compact cars.

Even where she’s at you have Goodwill, SA, local missions and then the Gabes dept stores - all carry second hand, vintage clothing and unused clothes with tags donated by dept stores. Most anchor Goodwill Stores are larger than the photo in the building you post above and all shirts are $3, pants $4 and $5 dresses.

What Raven misses is being able to go shop. In NZ she lived in a city and could take buses, walk or have her child bride drive her around town. She also got free dole money to blow in NZ.

Now she’s stuck in some trailer miles down rural hellhole road, no buses or walking anywhere. Josh has the car all day and doesn’t want to haul her ass around to spend money after work, and they close at 6 pm anyway. She also isn’t getting free welfare money to blow on shit. Josh is her only source of money. She probably only gets to buy cheap clothes IRL when she goes grocery shopping at Wal-Mart with couch boy.
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Synop in progress. Finished *rubs aching temples* I regret doing this actually, there's something about Raven that makes synopsising take several times longer than the video itself. Mostly because she prattles a lot and has a lot of nonsense to decode. At least Chantal leaves massive pauses to work through.

From the angle and lighting they're using Raven looks even more absurd than usual. Her lip rings are back in.

The baby-doubt question they answer specifically contextualises it as why hasn't Josh's mum shown any evidence of knowing it exists (a good point). Josh furrows his brow "of COURSE we have a babeh" and makes it sound like the baby is even realer for Raven sticking to her initial promise of not showing the baby. Raven harpy screeches in affirmation, although describes it as being said in her "I'm going offline" video, the cognitive disconnect of one claim (the baby) being true because she said it then, but her disappearing from the internet is fine to retcon. They don't address the mother issue at all, letting us believe a grown-ass woman would be involved in this pathetic secret baby game. It adds some credence to the visitor to the thread a month back who said Josh had been isolated from his family.

Raven thinks "the hate sites" have an interest in "tearing our baby apart". The best you'll get is us saying it looks like a mongoloid because of the people who produced it, hun. People here didn't even focus on your childe bride outside of your creepy relationship with him, despite your screeches of it all being totally legal adults, so this bullshit won't stick.

"We've slipped little things here and there so that people know there is one, with the help of one of our friends".

A great Ravenism, in trying to address something while not having other people go down the rabbit hole. "If you know what I'm talking about, then you'll know what I'm talking about. If you don't know then it doesn't matter".

"One of our friends helped us out with something involving baby stuff, but I didn't want to come out with today-I-gave-birth [...] I wasn't 'recovering' from child-birth when we went to the concert because nobody knows when I gave birth."

Tries to lay on the sarc about Josh not being around because he's so busy working (where are you working, Raven, or is your latest gambit another excuse to live your teenage do-nothing lifestyle?

Raven stops recording to get her story straight with Josh about something. (3:25)

Raven reads a fake-assed question about "the sites finding you, hurting your child". Raven is a master rusewoman, ""Whatever is released online, it doesn't matter how small or insignificant it is, I have done that, I know what footprints are, I know how to lead people where I want them to go [...] We live in the Carolinas somewhere. I have posted that I live in Greenville, that we live in Florida, that we still live in our old city. All I have to do is make an account and point fingers that I live at our old address, and I do that because I know that's where they think we are, and I do that safely because I know that nobody knows where we ACKTUALLY are", "We travel a lot, we have a really car and all that, so we drive, if we can drive a few hours away we do, we take a little family trip out, it's great". "We were already a long way from Saluda, and we're even further from that now". Raven, if you actually did get far away, you wouldn't be trying to throw anybody off the scene, thie protesting is getting a little much? You're dealing with a bunch of autistic female students and housewives here, you don't want to encourage people who actually know what they're doing to take this as a challenge.

"Our neighbour is very happy to babysit" [small jump cut at 5:38] and despite this claim the concert was "one time" and she "deserves a break", Raven comes up with an unnecessary and suspicious line about how she casually mentioned the concert to the neighbour who then volunteered.

"You guys don't even know what my name is, I'm just gonna say that, this is going to show you how sneaky I am", "When I was in NZ nobody knew that in March of 2017 I changed my name again". Bitch, do you expect people to be super elite hackers with sources in the government or something? The reason people get doxed in the US is because public information is really easy to find there vs. other countries.

Holds up some redacted stuff:

raven name change.jpg raven id.jpg raven birth id 1.jpg raven birth id 2.jpg

"I made my name very, very, very, very long", "So I have like five names". I love how she thinks this makes her some international secret agent, and not an Onision-style red flag rootless sociopathic behaviour. Josh is very amused by this. "This way I can't be Googled because any combination of the names is too much, I researched it and I chose five popular yet random names that when you put them together in any random order they don't show up", "Legally in real life you guys don't know what my name is." She seems really keen on this narrative.

"I've changed my name a few times actually, nobody knew I was sitting on a secret name in NZ." Seems strangely keen on letting us know she was called Raven then but totes not now. "I've gone through name changes, I'm very, very careful about my life and my secrecy". You know, for somebody who is very mad about the child molester narrative, all this past-hiding name change stuff sounds awfully like something child molesters also do.

More reaffirmations of how super sekrit everything is, all all releases were planned by Raven, she is running rings around the haydurs!

Claims being offline is such a paradise, we're so lucky she makes videos and confronts the haydurs. It's totally not because she's a pathetic and lonely person who can't live without the nominal attention she gets online and is able to make wildly exaggerated and nonsense claims about the Internet Hate Machine trying to have her killed.

Her looking like she fakes the baby sounds was all part of her ruse, "that was on purpose".

Directly asks Josh to say the "truth", "How you hidin' fakin' a baby from MEEE?". Yes this truly is the impartial observer we've been waiting for. Describes his child as "what's goin' on", and he most assuredly knows whether it does or does not exist!

"Josh is such a great daddy", wanks him off verbally.

(God I don't want to know how many of these 'innocent' questions asking for more info are secret detractors.)

"I want my online presence to be as if we don't have any pets, kids, anything", "I'm not putting any child through that, I'm trying to protect Dorian, and I'm trying to protect our baby from every bit of negativity out there". Raven of course does not realise that anything near her gets discussed because of HER, not because of her mutant offspring. Raven is the dumb bitch who is obsessed with throwing her gastric band around the internet to little or no recognition. She talks a good game, but the ultimate response to these feelings being real or not would be exactly what she said - embracing the easy life of not being online. It's her being unable to stop talking about it that makes her so full of shit. "Look at all these things I can't tell you that I will describe in detail why I can't tell you them". Normal humans just shut up, Raven, anything else looks suspicious.

"Our baby's not a downie"- Josh, "Yeah our baby's not a downie" - Raven.

"I'm not some kind of crazy masochist that's gonna put myself out there and want to get hurt", but Raven, you do it so well - you're addicted to it. It's why you made this video, because every new 30+ min rant you produce you think it going to be the final hammerblow that destroys the haydurs, and it always makes you look like a complete fool when people watch it. This is exactly the type of masochism you describe, and it also fits the common definition of insanity.

"Birth due date was misquoted", "Maybe that was because of my age, but birth date was quoted later than it was, and baby came earlier". Reeks of covering for her concert visit, and gay ops to cause doubt about the DOB of the sprog.

"I really wish we could share stuff with people, but we will never [be able to be] open".

"Am I worried about people finding [tails off]", "no I'm not, you don't even know... you think you know everything about us but I'm sneakier than you are". TOTES NOT CONCERNED "It's so easy I could make a profile and say that we're back in Saluda and give an address and not tell anybody about the profile, and they'll go Google my name and find it and think OMG that's where they live. It's that easy, literally!" We've got a real Batman here, hacking our cerebral cortexes. I don't know whether it's a mental disability - probably, since she thinks her imaginary baby is the most wanted assassination target since Osama, but her imagination that people discussing her are somehow [a bad thing] because they're not super elite cyberhackers who haven't found and murdered her yet is something else. So you can lie, and people have a chance of assuming the lie is correct given that they're dealing with very limited information on a particularly dull person that they make a brief post in the thread of once a week? Again we're the psychopaths for not distinguishing Raven's lies from the truth. Strange how making up a fake baby would fit this master of deception personality very well.

"When I was pregnant with Dorian I was 17, a high school drop out". One of the funniest things about following Raven is that she's now middle aged and "high school drop out" more or less still is the primary way to describe her. Nothing has happened in between beyond a rapidly diminishing amount of dignity.

Raven laments that she cannot use her child for public asspats. "I have to hide it all, nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors". Reeeeeee, gothic granny wants attention but can't get it, you're all totes wrong about her but she'll be murdered if she acts like a normal human being.

"He works a lot" she says gesturing at Josh, "that is the only reason why I am alone [in my videos]". She has a great fulfilling life, she would LOVE to share it, it's not made up, she must keep it secret from the terrorists.

Raven speculates "almost 100% certain" that a comment was from a detractor, but answers it anyway because she knows nobody likes her and all she has is her haydurs. The commenter claimed CJ (Carl) is dead and Raven says she doesn't know them any more, but asked a super secret person who says he's "no longer around, but wouldn't go into any detail at all". Raven shows off faking her death, you know, like a normal well-balanced innocent victim and not the opposite. Shows off about getting her boyfriend and son to lie about her being dead. REASONABLE.

CJ apologised "I think when I got with [Josh] or when I got with Logan, I'm not sure". What's a decade in failing to keep a narrative straight?

"First off I've never had plastic surgery", says she has had gastric sleeve and not a stomach tuck (But with her who knows what are lies and what is truth, right Raven? What a useful person to ask questions to). Claims she would have cosmetic surgery if she had the money, but Josh wouldn't like it because he loves me the way I am", "Yeaahhh...." replies Josh. "I'd get my boobs done, I'd get lipo, I'd get my face done, all kinds of stuff". Doesn't sound like severe mental illness at all. Constant name changes, uprooting to other countries just to have boyfriends, pursues people far younger than you, uses abortions/children/fake children for mind-games, styles like a child, fantasies about looking radically different. Not so unreasonable to throw persecution complex and paranoid delusions into that mix too.

The main channel she watches is WatchMojo (fucking hell), also watches Good Mythical Morning, emmymadeinjapan (LEAVE HER ALONE RAVEN), Emily Boo, It's Black Friday, Cinema Sins, Honest Trailers.

"I think that the problems I am having with my eyes are stemming from my diabetes". Her Lasik is still kicking in. She's using only the finest cosmetic contacts, she dindu nuffin to harm her eyesight.

"is Josh in contact with his family, and if I've been in contact with Dorian", "I do have contact with Dorian, him and Dorian get along.... now", "Just having Josh and Dorian play games together and get along and talk, it really warms my heart and makes me feel so complete", "It's all I've ever wanted", [Dorian] has gotten the toxic-ness out of his life". Thanks to Raven's master-class in evasive language, I am going to try to apply some of her teachings here (I hope she's proud of me). She makes it intentionally unclear whether Dorian and Josh have only communicated and played games online or in person. I don't know of any indication that Dorian has gone to the US since Raven has?

"You don't know how people are or what what they are going through and I'm tired of defending myself". a) how can we know anything if you take pride in and boast about lying through your teeth, b) why do you have Q&A videos if you don't want people to know about you. Just stupid. More fake victimhood Raven garbage that exists in contradiction to itself. She wants attention but can't handle attention.

"Josh is going to tackle the question of whether he has anything to do with his family" followed by a hard cut and "To be continued...."
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It’s mostly her rambling about how she has a baby. Their neighbor is happy to babysit for the concert and things but they rarely go out. If they want to do something they get in the car and go, they have a nice car, with air-conditioning and everything. Josh works 6 days a week and is tired but is such a good daddy when he gets home.

She’s much more clever than any of us and has changed her name to six ungooglable names She shows her NZ driver’s license with tape across to prove it. Everything we know about her is because she wants us to know. She‘s somewhere in the Carolinas, that’s all she’ll say. She doesn’t care if CJ is dead or not. All she will say about the baby is it came early. She’s happy Dorian is back in her life and that he gets along with Josh. Her eyes are still healing. Next video is Josh tackling whether he talks to his family or not. Abrupt ending.

She has a new necklace with a name on it-I think it’s backwards. I couldn’t get a glimpse of it on my phone, maybe somebody on a bigger device can see it? She probably wants us to think it’s Samsung Boosts name.

Edit: one thing I noticed was when she was asked the difference between raising a child when young as opposed to now, she only mentioned then. Most would say something like, there are good and bad things:I had more energy when young, but I’m more patient now....not Raven. She just talked about then. Another reason to think there is no now.
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She’s obviously using her “you totally don’t know my name guys!!!” because she realized you could look up information, like live birth records, for a small fee in SC. No one can find any live birth record for Raven/Diane Bradley cuz that’s totally not her name!!!

It’s really amazing she’s gotten Josh to go along with the legend of Samsung Boost. I’m sure she’s told him it’s to own the haters, or some sort of trap she’s laying, etc...

But goddamn he is dumb as a fucking bag of hammers. If being isolated from his family and being forced to lie about having baby online hasn’t made him realize what a complete psycho nutjob he’s hitched himself too, nothing will.


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Eh, don't really care what her super seecrit legal name is. I just think it's funny how shocked she is that people weren't trying to figure it out back when she changed it. Because nobody else cared either. It's not as if anyone has to work at finding out what she's up to. She puts her own, and everyone else in her sphere's dirty laundry on display every chance she gets. Definition of cow that mllks themself
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I think she was getting bothered by people making fun of her Swamp Shack, and in her confused brain mistook it for people wanting to pay her a visit. If nobody has put a bullet in Onision's head yet, sorry hun but you're 1000x less notable or offensive, just a strange old lady who can't stop making a spectacle of herself online.