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Jfc this "lady" is messed up. Both her shower pic and her poem had me cringing. And I felt kinda bad for her son while watching that vid of her dissing her son. I mean, what adult would act like that and not expect flack for it?


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She's gross, but she doesn't get the crazy stamp for the goth thing. Style is a part of personal expression. She loses because her mental age is clearly stunted, which makes her a shitty mom? I don't know what her son's like, but he certainly deserves better. Those pictures are funny though. Is she trying to fill a chubby fetish niche?


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I'm reminded of a special-needs kid at my school, who on the day of his graduation, responded to my asking what the three most important lessons he learned with:

"I learned that you should never, ever, in a million years, date any girl from this school. Seriously, avoid it like the frickin' plague!"