Razorfist / The Rageoholic / Darrage O'Hollick / Daniel Harris - Trumptard. Hipster Metalfag. Cherry popped by the King of Pop. COOMER.

Do you believe the official line?

  • Yes, a third party compromised all of raz0rfist's accounts and deleted them.

    Votes: 81 8.6%
  • No, this must've been the work of a Latinx scorned.

    Votes: 857 91.4%

  • Total voters


The good doctor.
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I have a hard time believing a Latin chick, who are crazy by nature, isn't good in bed.
Steriotypes exist, I'll give you that, but they don't apply to 100% of the group. Trust me.

She's a 20 year old, of course she isn't gonna be Belladonna in the flesh. It's Razor's job to ease her into good, kinky sex.
The man is in his mid-to-late 30's FFS!
Why you gotta make it all gross, man?
So these two spergs decide to try and patch things up because no one else can stand to be with them. But being they are who they are, nothing has really changed. Coomer is gonna coom, and the crazy latina bitch who gets off on being withholding plots a scheme. While ole Danny boy is taking a shit, or in the shower, she simply picks up his phone and pops open his twitter since he likely has it set up to auto sign-in. He should have dumped her crazy ass when she secretly recorded and then posted their argument to ig. But it would seem Danny boy enjoys being cucked. They absolutely deserve each other. And this is devastating for Danny. He cannot stand any amount of criticism, nor can he stand up to scrutiny if he's wrong. Very interested in seeing how this will play out.
and that's what you get for having sex... with a woman
Honestly, if you are a big youtube tard or twitter cumstain, the best partner you can have is a anime sex pillow.

At least with her you won't get any drama or leaks, you also won't breed so humanity gets a bonus. On the downside, you can't brag to your paypigs. Such is life.

Imagine wanting to coom to porn instead of having sex with the woman who loves you. Got what he deserved.
She prob bad in the sack and looks like shit without makeup, like most e-thots

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Taking her tweet at face value it seems that she doesn't take too kindly to broken promises and belittling as nobody in a relationship should so she used the coomer thing to be vindictive by harming his image with his conservative audience. If he has any, idk much about the dude because he was always repulsing so I never watched his content.


You're Ridin' With Biden...STRAIGHT TO HELL!
So what do you think Razorfist jacks off to?
If he actually lives his gimmick, this:


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If he said he wasn't watching porn and she caught him lying, then she deserves to be mad. But, if she's mad because he was jerking off and/or watching porn then she's just a crazy bitch. Expecting your partner not to watch porn or masturbate is unrealistic, especially if it's a guy, unless they're doing it instead of having sex with you.

She said she was (innocently, what??) sleeping in the next room. Ok, so it sounds like he wanted to have sex, she didn't, so he went to take care of it himself. I don't see the problem here!

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