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Do you believe the official line?

  • Yes, a third party compromised all of raz0rfist's accounts and deleted them.

    Votes: 81 8.6%
  • No, this must've been the work of a Latinx scorned.

    Votes: 857 91.4%

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Yeah sounds like ProJared 2.0: lowlife coomer meets an equally lowlife e-stripper, hilarity ensures.

I’m still salty about his rambling hatred for G.K. Chesterton, who’s twice the political mind and thrice the writer he is. It also appears like Chesterton has beat out as the possessor of a woman’s singular affection, to add!


He lives in Phoenix proper, so that would be Maricopa.

Have fun f5'ing this tonight lads.

That's a woman who's not a pathetic cuck, spic or not. Way too many women let their pleasing and passive natures turn them into absolute cuckqueans for degenerate men who would rather coom to the most hideous, used-up whores wearing masks made of a gallon of makeup. Porn, strippers, camgirls, sexting, flirting, etc; all of it is cheating and it needs to fucking stop. Most women have been learning the hard way for decades with zero change because most keep their mouths shut while the men have been assertive enough to call out the small proportion of them involved in cuckhold shit right off the bat. No double-standards, all cuck, THOT and coomer shit needs to stop. If it doesn't, we'll be the next Greece or the next Rome. It always ends badly.
There is a double-standard when it comes to alt-right grifters advocating RETVRN TO TRADITION when all they mean is "I need mommy gf who makes white baby, cooks, cleans, and is utterly subservient" then doesn't acknowledge the flipside of what being tradbf entails.


If you're a tradgf and let your boyfriend do whatever he wants you become like June/shoe0nhead and a truly pitiable human doormat and cumrag.

Men like to blame women fucking blacks as the reason the based white tradcath family unit died but in honesty it likely started with the titty magazines.
It's amazing really, I started feeling iffy about his livestreams over the last year specifically cause he was featuring his Hole. If OandA's Jocktober taught me anything, it's that you keep the Hole >FAR< away from your show. Some life lessons are timeless I suppose.
How can he show off to his audience how much of a badass chad he is if he doesn't flaunt his hot piece of tail at every opportunity?

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