reaching 400 pounds 1/11/19 -



e: Recap
• Watching Catfish
• Brought a 300 dollar Nintendo Switch/w Mario Kart ( precrecored because she filming herself playing with it last video)
• Taking Christmas Decorations off
• Showing her shitty journals
• Saying she’s chopping of her hair
• Wants to lose to 400 pounds and is bitching about it .
• Promotes her shitty Instagram giveaway
• Footage of Necky showing her Nickelodeon shirts
• Watching Bachelorette
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Mary-Kate Olsen’s Midnight Snack
Wow, she’s filming herself going through her old ass gross protein bars.

Becky did an autistic All That rap while modeling her T-shirt.

Amber’s goal is to get back to 400 elbees.

Amber is dropping the singing doctor for a new one to get a second opinion on her layhg pain.

“How I get out of the car, I do this like little twisty manner type deal with the very layg that hurts.”
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-Watching TLC
-Fantasizing about living alone with becky
-Nintendo Switch
-Christmas decoration removal
-Complaining about hair
-Going through old protein bars she never ate
-Bitching about weight loss goals and lowering her expectations to losing enough weight to be 400lbs
- "The tough love situation doesn't work for your gorl."
-Scam giveaway
-More Becky shirts
-Talking about more LAHG pain and movement issues, scheduling an appointment for "a different doctor."
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Dutch Courage

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lol, the expiration dates are only a couple of months ago on those protein bars. However, they will be perfectly fine to eat for years. She'd be even more appalled if she knew she threw out all those yummy bars when they were totally edible.

As for her 400 target, she found a whole new way to game the system. When she had to lose 390 pounds, eating a stick of celery only made the task that much more daunting.

Re-setting at 400 so she only needs to lose 160 means she can gain another 200 pounds and still be closer to her goal weight than she was yesterday. Who says she is dumb? Look how she outsmarts herself! Double servings at Cheesecake Factory for a year now!
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Dr. Samuel Hayden

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AL and Becky have had the house to themselves for a couple of nights, and AL loves it, and feels that they "have the house to ourselves, it's just been kinda cool to experience that" since she and Becky have only ever been together with the roommates. Gee, I wonder where Eric and Rickie ran off to... anywhere that doesn't reek of unwashed fat and a screeching walrus in heat every time she wants to eat out.

Becky and AL are taking down Christmas stuff finally. This means Becky is taking it down while AL sits down and records.

AL shows a pile of journals and claims she goes through them once a day and fills them with stickers and writes in them. Doesn't show us a single page in the pile.

AL's thinking about "chopping off all her hair." She doesn't "do anything with it" so she might cut it about shoulder length.

Goes through her giant jar of protein bars to throw stuff away. She has a bag of straws from a year and a half ago. Shows herself looking through the bars to get rid of. Fucking riveting. She's shocked most of them are bad now and whines about it. How wasteful. "I feel like a wretched, horrible person. Every single one of these were expired. Like... what?!" Only two remain. She knows it's gonna offend a lot of people and totally agrees how awful it is.

Her goal weight used to be 199. She then changed it to 170 because it sounds healthier than 199. Not that it fucking matters. She feels daunted by the goal weights because she knows she has to lose so much that it "makes her gag." It's okay though, she took it a different way and now her goal weight is: 400 pounds. Yes, that's still morbidly obese, but she wants to make it sound easier than losing 300+ pounds and not overwhelm her. Don't worry, she did a little math to reach that gohl: she needs to lose 13.3 pounds a month - but it's not gonna be easy because she reminds us she's a binge eater and loves food, so please give her support BUT NOT TOUGH LOVE, IT DOESN'T WORK FOR YUR GORL.

Becky pets Rarity, broom in hand. Once again Becky is cleaning while AL watches, probably breathing even heavier just watching someone do light labor.

Becky dances while holding a new shirt. Surprise surprise - it's another graphic tee for nostalgiafags!

Talks about her leg situation - she's experiencing more pain in the same leg, higher up from her calf. It may be unrelated to the original pain, and it makes it hard for her to do anything that requires moving it. Goes from her hip to her knee, similar to "burrisititis (bursitis)." She wants a second opinion from a different doctor and is real worried. She does a "twisty manner type deal" when getting out of the car so she might have pulled her leg wrong.


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We got a good look at Amber's dainty little breakfast!
View attachment 636786

The only individuals reaching 400 pounds in that household is Becky and Twinkie's untreated growth. Maybe Amber's including her recent big shit on the toilet? 400 pounds of bathroom business per week sounds reasonable for Amber.
I count around 23 bars there.

The average bar is what? $2.99?

So that is roughly 69 bucks wasted

Edited since the post above was deleted:

You just know AL watches Catfish for tips :story::story:
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Looks like her bra is getting a break tonight.

Does anyone think she'll really cut her hair? I doubt she can do it, I doubt Becky can do it, and I doubt Amber can fit in a chair at a hair salon to have a hair professional do it.

Also, wasn't her weight loss goal for 2017 100 lbs? She couldn't pull that off, what makes her think she can lose 160 lbs this year?


Looks like her bra is getting a break tonight.

Does anyone think she'll really cut her hair? I doubt she can do it, I doubt Becky can do it, and I doubt Amber can fit in a chair at a hair salon to have a hair professional do it.

Also, wasn't her weight loss goal for 2017 100 lbs? She couldn't pull that off, what makes her think she can lose 160 lbs this year?
She can’t even fit into the chairs at the doctors office.

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Becky's wattle is growing firm and glorious.

Chopping off her hair? Because she can no longer wash it properly and it is greasy as fuck all the time.

And I do not believe for a second that expired candy is hers. She robbed it from the room with the ass smell. They are not fat and would let it expire, not our gorl.

400 elbees for a new goalweight? Oh boy, she just keeps moving the goalposts, closer and closer. Next year, new goalweight: 550.

I am going for that 100 buck Paypal though. And if I win spend it on an actual dietician, for a diet for lean mass, and show her how it all works, just because I can.

The legpain is spreading through the leg. Pulled muscle infects the rest around it, her whole leg is being pulled now. By gravity.

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