reacting to amberlynn reid | 3/20/20 -

beanbag in a hurry

good lord!
Oh, yawn. She's just twice as boring as usual while also desperately scrambling for attention.
My prediction is that a fast food gorge on camera is looming in the near future.
She really can't get the reaction she craves without trainwrecking around all over the place, which truly is her only appeal.
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Poor Ambur, no one is reacting to her anymore because she’s become extremely boring and a one trick pony at this point. I’ve said it before but the other cows are drawing in more attention because they’re doing things that are unpredictable.

I first watched Ambur summer of 2018 and she’s still the same as she was then, she’s not lost huge amounts of weight or become more self aware she’s just her usual self. I think she expected a bigger reaction for losing 70lbs than she got.

It's almost April, and the year is almost a quarter over. What happened to Amber's new years resolutions? Going back to school? Seeing a therapist? A million steps? She made Becky take a few snips to her heifer tail, but it seems like Amber is just clinging to the past as usual.

Could it be that Amber is realizing that no one wants to watch the "weight loss journey" of a trash person who's ego grows on her way to becoming a skinny legend with jowls and lip injections?

Also, I love the way she snuck the name "Amberlynn" into the title.


She starts crying.

If we are watching the same video, her and I can see a huge difference in personas between the two ambers, then and now.

She even says she is like a completely different person and she wishes she could go back.

Well too bad for Amber, she’s stuck with her current thumb, who’s a fuckingvegetable at this point. She does copy some of Becky’ssad persona but by doing that it really makes it obvious who she really is, a narcissistic cunt.

For like the tenth time she says she has money for weight loss surgery.
Sure, now, but she should consider to save that for retirement soon, things are about to go downhill, real quick. Last time I checked social blade, views are down by 10%.

Not to mention during January when she said when taxes come her bank account is going to be looking real dry... so I’m not sure what to believe from this liar.

behavioral swamp thang

verdad o muerte cachudo
Her goal weight is 170... if she's 5'3" that's still over 30 BMI.
She's dedicated to being fat her whole (short) life
I think it's different for previous death fats. Their old saggy excess skin can make up a lot of weight. You can't get it all off during removal. This adds a few null pounds for cushioning their GW. Usually like 20-30 lbs.