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Her goal weight is 170... if she's 5'3" that's still over 30 BMI.
She's dedicated to being fat her whole (short) life
You're not wrong, but it doesn't matter, because she's never going to get anywhere near 170, let alone anywhere within spitting distance of a healthy BMI.
It's almost April, and the year is almost a quarter over. What happened to Amber's new years resolutions? Going back to school? Seeing a therapist? A million steps?
She talked about doing those things, which in her mind is just as good as actually doing them.
Good God this fucking trashbag just loves herself so much and is so desperate for shekels.
No legs no watch.
Doing reaction videos to herself that no one asked for isn't going to get her the views she hopes it will. People who have been following her for years have already seen her videos, and no one really cares what she thinks about a video she made.
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You're not wrong, but it doesn't matter, because she's never going to get anywhere near 170, let alone anywhere within spitting distance of a healthy BMI.
Yep. Statistically, her chance of reaching anything like normal weight without additional interventions is nearly zero. She is not even in the 400's and she is struggling to lose more weight. For her, to lose another 300 pounds by herself while not removing any unhealthy food items, cutting to the minimum portion sizes, and forgiving fast food is impossible. If it was that easy to go from 600 pounds to 170, TV shows like Fat Doctors and My 600 Pounds Life would not exist.

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oh christ. she says her favorite food used to be salmon, but now it's samosas. she then corrects herself and says her favorite food now is samoas.

they look like beautiful islands made up of very nice people, it'll be a shame to see them go. there's just no stopping the binge monster (:_(

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Bold of you to assume she's not talking about cookies. lol Not that the Binge Monster discriminates, but given the choice, I feel like she'd go for the cookie first. 🍪

Titling the video Reacting to Amberlynn Reid is clearly another attempt to distance herself from the name Amberlynn. I think she genuinely wants "Amber Reid" to be thought of as a different person.

And it's just not going to wash, she is much too infamous, much too associated with that name and it's beyond too late to try and salvage any kind of "reputation" she thinks she has.

This re-brand as "serious" weight-loss and "health" channel is just cringeworthy and dull.... Time to disappear, Amber.


I feel like off of lexapro my vlogs are better.
Its wild that her viewers watch 1 video of her speaking softly and act like this is the real her and that shes changed. You can read it all thru her body that shes mad that the YouTube community didnt have a massive parade or party because she lost some weight. I think she expected bigger reaction channels like Monn and lux plus all the haydur nation to apologize and bow down to her and she got nothing. Plus her views are down. This video was just a easy way for her to get sweet comments sent to her.


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It's kind of funny to see how her viewers control her life. Normally by this point Amber would have amassed a new following of ambabies to give her asspats and push her through the cycle. But now it seems like nobody is taking the bait any more.

I'm curious to see where this is all headed. I'm guessing either a slow fade into irrelevancy, or some kind of desperate attempt at starting a controversy.