reacting to me lying.... - 8/10/2019 - (Day 53 of this 100-Day Nightmare)

Jul 5, 2019

Here is the video she is "reacting" to today:

Guessing: MOAR LIES.

Edit: RECAP!

reacting to me lying.... - 8/10/2019 (Day 53 of this 100-Day Nightmare)
Because I hate myself and my blood pressure enough to watch these "inscrutiateen" videos so YOU DON'T HAVE TO:

- Another shitty "reacts" video, her atop Pillow Mountain, laptop in view because she can't figure out how to properly film reaction videos...

- "This was requested" (So was [insert 100 things people actually want her to do] but nah...) Oh, but the SPECIFIC requester said she should react and "clear things up".

LAH #1: "I eat mah fries with a fork - don't hate" / *eats fries with her BeetusPaws*
Response: She had a period in her life where she ate everything with a fork, but she stopped doing that. Not a lah if she just changes her mind/habits after the original statement.

LAH #2: "I am the type of person who doesn't like clutter" / *video of cluttered Bath & Body Works Haul in a "thingamajigger"*
Response 2: "That's why I got rid of so much of my stuff" *internet prepares the video rebuttal of every haul she's done in the past 2 "weeks" of content*

LAH #3: "I used to see a nutritionist when I was 16, and another when I was 14/15. That's when I was diagnosed with Binge Eating [Disorder]." / (much later) *claims JUST OFFICIALLY diagnosed with Binge Eating Disorder*
Response: When she was 16, they said it "SOUNDS" like BED. But you CANNOT be diagnosed with BED at the age of 16, but she didn't know so she "ran with it" (LIKE YOU EVER "RAN" IN YOUR LIFE). And in the 2nd video, she was talking to someone on and she diagnosed it as BED, BUT CANNOT DIAGNOSE (A lah in a lah in a lah?) so that "shook her" (insert earthquake joke) but it's NOT a lah even though in EVERY INSTANCE she says "diagnosed" and just ADMITTED none of those could have been diagnoses.
Response 2: "I have never been diagnosed with BED . . . because I've never seen someone for it." Why get a diagnosis when you can self-diagnose? (She actually said that.)

LAH #4: "I don't even like pizza" / *copious amounts of favorite pizza bingeen footage*
Response 2: In the video, they cut out her saying she didn't WANT to eat the pizza, she was FORCING herself to eat it. (Jokes are too easy at this point.)

LAH #5: "I don't take naps" / "I just took a nap"
Response: I don't take MANY naps. I maybe only nap "once or twice a year". (Didn't she just take multiple naps admittedly during the "vacation"?)
Response 2: "This video just shows that I need to word things a little differently" (WORDS MEAN THINGS?) "but it also shows that people are super-sensitive to what I say"

LAH #6: Hamber-rant about Keto and how it's not for her and it's not what she wants to eat / *Hamber does Keto* (obviously briefly, because she quits everything quickly)
Response: Hamber can't figure out what lah was being called out.

LAH #7: "I don't really like yogurt" *is eating yogurt* / "I hate yogurt" *is eating yogurt*
Response: Hamber is stuck on Clip 1 vs Clip 2 and can't grasp in her BeetusPaws the notion that both were calling out lahs of her saying she doesn't like to eat something but is also definitely eating it.
Response 2: She still buys it and eats it because it makes her feel like she's ||being healthy|| (enlarged fingers = enlarged air-quotes)

LAH #8: Hamber still has clothes in the closet that she wears that were bought when she was "in the 300s" / *crying because nothing fits her* / *can't fit into her jeans anymore* / *can't fit into 3X anymore*
Response: Everything said in Clip #1 is still true. Clip #2 was her having "psychological" problems. (It's not a lah if she says it while she's sad, gorls.) Cannot understand that these have MULTIPLE clips and Clips #3 and #4 are related to Clip #1. Thanks, DumbassLynn...
(shoutout to THAT BINGY BRA - the only clothing anyone believes has survived through the years and weight gain)

LAH #9: "I ate NEGATIVE 144 weekly points! That is NEVER going to happen again!" / *eats -30 of her weekly points*
Response: It's not a lah if you're just lah-ing to YOURSELF to be POSITIVE. She was setting a GOAL that she FAILED.

LAH #10: "People think I eat like 6000 calories a day - that is NOT true!" / "My body is used to eating 4000-6000 calories a day"
Response 2: It's hard to believe it until you say it out loud. (No, it's hard to believe if you drown out and ignore THOUSANDS of voices SCREAMING at you the truth.)
Response 3: She eats between 2000-6000, but 6000 is ONLY when she's BINGEEN, usually it's closer to 3000.

- Hamber signs off by apologizing for not wording things properly.

- Also, plugs her Twitter (which once again is deactivated, and even if it's not - she is on Private and can take months to approve you) as a method of requesting more videos to react to.

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Mar 29, 2019
So she does this whole word salad of BED where she was but wasn't diagnosed at 16, was and wasn't diagnosed by Better Help, was and wasn't diagnosed at the woo woo clinic she goes to, and finally at 4:20, she admits she has NEVER been officially diagnosed with BED.

What the actual fuck?


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Nov 8, 2016
Regarding the shelf in the bathroom, I have to agree with her in that it doesn't look like clutter. It looks like a display rack you might find in a store, with the exception of the top shelf.

She doesn't need all that stuff, but it's not technically clutter.

Amber said:
If I have to I'll eat some pizza but honestly I don't care for it
As if someone's putting a gun to her head to make her eat pizza.

Amber said:
I said I hate yogurt I mean that's true I don't like it it's very sour tasting to me anytime that I ever buy yogurts because I feel like I'm being healthy
Was she eating plain yogurt? Was it expired? How fucked do your taste buds have to be to think yogurt is sour?
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Jan 6, 2019
She obviously hand-picked a kind of shitty video she could easily refute, studied it, and rehearsed "reactions."

She's irritating as fuck in this video! Good hate watch, if you're in the mood.

And her face... just floats on the puddle of fat that is her head


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