reacting to me lying.... - 8/10/2019 - (Day 53 of this 100-Day Nightmare)

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Jun 3, 2019
She admits "I truly don't take naps" was off. "I meant I only take a nap once or twice a year..."

I guess sleeping until 5PM doesn't technically count as a nap. No lie there. She is a 600-pound gorl version of Honest Abe.

So I guess all those dozens of times she "took a nap" and "just woke up from a nap, guys" were my imagination, then?


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Mar 14, 2018
"I really don't like clutter."

My eyes wander to the background where tacky posters hang on the wall, the open closet is stuffed to bursting with Becky's Hot Topic shirts, the snapback hang in a cluster like Nickelodeon grapes, and the ENTIRE LIBRARY of DVD's fill the built in shelves.

I've seen the rest of this room before, Pillow mountain filling up the corner of the bed, the stuffed dresser with drawers sagging out depressingly, the top of the dresser loaded with various tacky knick-knacks, the stack of 100+ journals lining the wall, and let's speak of the very walls, one can hardly see them through the posters covering their surface.

We move the tour of her bathroom. The unused shower sits empty next to another closet loaded with horrid torrid dresses that Amber can no longer fit. Years worth of unused make-up sits on the counter. There's a shelf shoved in a corner loaded to capacity with unused bath and body works merch. Here she flagrantly admits she doesn't know what clutter is with the defense that though the shelf is loaded with things most people buy just one at a time, those things are on a shelf, ergo, not clutter apparently.

But the tour isn't over, we move to her porch den and find a desk with the drawers fit to burst full of costume jewelry. A shelf loaded with more unused journals and only the most cerebral Danielle Steele and YA lesbian novels, a clothing rack loaded to weight capacity with more Torrid dresses, a chair Amber can't sit in without breaking piled high with cuyuuute throw pillows, a stack of board games and coloreen books shoved in a corner. Around the room we find more tacky knick-knacks on each surface, so hard pressed to find a home some have been set on the windowsill.

And now we see the truth she really means, Amber doesn't like[i/] clutter, she lives[i/] clutter. Her need to surround herself with more things cannot be tamed.

As a true and honest minimalist the sight of her living conditions fills me with a kind of claustrophobic dread.


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Jul 27, 2016
first of all - yes, big al, that's binging behavior, but it's not BINGE EATING DISORDER. binge eating is typically secretive, compulsive, and in a short time frame. everyone binges once in a while, we have entire holidays centered around it. what you are is a glutton. grazing all day doesn’t mean you have BED. mukbangs don’t mean you have BED. enjoying and consistently overindulging doesn’t mean you have BED. 75% of americans overindulge. the only thing holding them back from being super obese is usually family, work, and responsibilities. you’re not special. your weight only ballooned when your lifestyle accommodated it.

but really, when we tell her to address the lahs, what do we really want to see? amberlynn addressing her lies about the diet doctor, for example. she contradicted herself within two videos. she implied that he was a bumbling fool who had no experience with real sick dainty gorls less than 24 hours after she said he was funny, intelligent, charming, and the diet doctor of the universe. she claimed he told her to eat vegetables and then claimed he never mentioned vegetables. she claimed that the diet she chose was extremely high in sodium, despite her stating prior that he gave her the choice in snacks and meals to eat unsalted almonds, greek yogurt, etc and non-processed meat.

we don’t care about little white lies or nonsensical absolutes. “i never take naps” is not uncommon to say at all. most people don’t take naps but when we do, it doesn’t make us liars, it just makes taking naps an uncommon behavior. we don’t care about clutter, eating french fries with a fork, whether or not she likes greek yogurt, or fumbling with numbers. we care about the lies that she tells the audience which do nothing but serve to damage herself, her attempts to troll her audience which, ironically, only serve to troll herself. her optavia lies, the rape lies, the cat abuse lies, the therapist lies, the “i can’t fit into a car” lies, the “i’m on track” lies. she knows what she’s doing. she knows she doesn’t have a consistent following of 50k+ views, made up entirely of nitpickers who hate fat people and who decompartmentalize every word to watch her trip up.

we out here. we’ve seen it firsthand. she is an openly deceitful person. and while we want her to address that, it’s not for our sake. i think it’s safe to say that most of us aren’t bedbound sacks of skin: most of us have families, lives, jobs, hobbies. big al is something we tune into once in a while to gawk at. she’s not pulling one over on us, rocking the foundations of our very existence every time she talks herself out of a diet by lying and then she ends up gaining thirty pounds. don’t worry about us, amber. we’re fine. we aren’t losing sleep. however, exposing herself to her own dishonestly could have been an exercise in self-reflection, it could have served as a mirror that says “the only person you’re hurting with your dishonesty is yourself, your reputation, and your body.” instead, she plucked the softest, most clickbaity, vapid & useless video made by some orbiter who wanted to make some cash by leeching off the whale. it didn’t expose her. it didn’t push her. and she knew that. that’s why she picked it over a video made by someone like MOON EYES. we saw this with her zachary reaction, too. she watches them all, and we know this by now - she sees every bit of content generated by her orbiters and reads every comment on their videos and her own - and she specifically chose one of his most boring reactions to one of her most boring videos. she could have picked RIP OPTAVIA OCTAVIA OPTIVIA, ALR IS TOO SWOLLEN, or AMBERLYNN IS NOT A WEIGHTLOSS CHANNEL, but she didn’t. she also could have reacted to michaelbepetty, too, but we all know that’s never going to happen, either.

she’s so lazy, narcissistic, and unoriginal that she can’t even put the effort in picking a half-decent video to respond to, or put in the effort to formulate some more lies to explain away her existing lies. she chose the path of least resistance with this 4 minutes of nonsense, and, once again, and in the act of trying to troll us, she only managed to troll herself out of that wake-up call she so desperately needs.


I’m Connor, the android sent by Cyberlife.
Jul 27, 2016
"this laptop is actually laying on a pillow so you can see the screen better. I know its funny"


honestly, i don’t know how she does it. beautiful, wealthy, dainty, and the funniest person in the room with the world’s tiniest hole? astounding. i mean, that joke where she talked about how beautiful her room and view was and then she unveiled the camera to show us the hotel carpet? iconic. she really subverted our expectations with that one. or that bit where she said “hey guys” several times and made weird faces? poignant social commentary on youtube culture with biting wit and a critical eye. and don’t get me started on her longest running joke ever. that “i’m trying to lose weight” bit is never going to get old.

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Jan 6, 2016
I'd ask "what was the point of this " but the only time she will feel any vindication is after her death. When the hater channels say bye and a couple other deathfat channels give her props and then poof.... Nothing.

10 minutes of a non reaction video. Oof


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Nov 15, 2014


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Nov 30, 2018
If I didn't like a food I wouldn't order it quite frequently to my home and eat the entire thing to myself. This is after dusty took her grocery shopping, so she willingly ordered the pizza after having a full fridge. I guess its true maybe you don't like pizza, but you fucking like eating it. This whole dainty act of not liking certain foods because it makes you seem like a fatty has got to stop because you are 600+ lbs and its VERY evident you like any and all processed junk food in mass quantities.


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Jul 7, 2019
Apologies in advance, this is verbatim Al's rambling explanation for the 'BED lie'

"I was officially diagnosed with Binge Eating Disorder by my therapist"

"Ok this one's importen', I'm glad this one's in here so I guess the lie is that I said I was diagnosed when I was sixteen with BED and then here I say, I think I was like twenty-seven in this video I said that I was diagnosed with BED so..... when I was sixteen I was seeing someone who did say "it did sound like I had binge eating disorder" I actually have made a whole video, well it wasn't like a whole video dedicated to this but in the video I did talk about this where as a teenager I took that and ran with it* because when I was 16 you could not be diagnosed with BED but I didn't know that, but the erm therapists aaah was seeein' did say that sounds like a binging disorder type of problem erm and then here when I was 27 I was like I've actually made videos on this but I was talking to a therapist on and I'm not trying to talk bad about it, but I for one just don't recommend it but you never know, it just didn't work for me aaand the person on there who I was talking to did say that I had binge eating disorder.
The thing is though on they are not allowed to diagnose you with anything so that kind of shook me and was like it kind of made me like I saw a red flag so I did cancel my betterhelp, i definitely wasn't lying it's all just very circumstantial, and when I was 16 I shouldn't have taken that and ran with it, I ehrm I have never been diagnosed with BED 'appropriately' hehehe because I've never seen someone for it that's definitely something that I probably should do, but I feel like BED is very very easy to diagnose yourself* cuz I mean, if you sit there and you're eating a huge, large, like I'm talking to the point of illness and you still keep eating, that's bingeeen'** so I dont really want to go much more into that, so let's keep watching...."

Jesus Christ Amber, what a tangled web we weave when first we set out to deceive.... It's really no wonder you didn't want to go much further into it when you repeatedly contradicted yourself in your own damn 'explanation' and from a Statement Analysis POV it's a corker lol

*I'm pretty much certain this is how the 'bipolar diagnosis' went down

**Not necessarily binging Albert, just plain disgusting gluttony covers it too
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Jul 18, 2019
How a normal person can exceed 3000 calories a day is beyond me. I know maybe some people like bodybuilders might eat that much to pack on muscle but... I just can't wrap my head around that. And this fatty sometimes eats twice that? :story:

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