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Posting Guidelines
Read these guidelines before posting. Posts that don't follow these guidelines will be moved, trimmed, or deleted in order of my personal moderation preferences. This subforum has always been fairly relaxed but there are now three rules that will be enforced:

1. Don't post if you don't have anything to add to the discussion
Chitchat/running DSP commentary, jokes, and theories are fine- as long as you are attempting to add something to the discussion and are posting in the proper place there's probably nothing wrong with your post.
2. Post in the proper place
The general discussion thread is for discussion that doesn't fit into any other category. Overly general posts in specific threads will be moved to the general discussion thread, trimmed, or deleted. Discussion specific to a topic, person, or event should go in the thread created for that specific thing. New threads should be made and used to discuss
  • specific topics
    • feel free to use your own judgement about whether or not a topic is specific enough to warrant its own thread but if it's out of the ordinary, it probably is
    • if there's a lot of discussion in the general thread about something specific, it might deserve a thread of its own
  • specific people associated with the DSP universe
  • specific events in the DSP universe that are out of the ordinary
For references to DSP in other people's streams or Youtube videos, post here.
For anything about DSP fans, including dox, post here.
For anything about anti-DSP a-logs, including dox, post here.
For questions about DSP's general financials, start here.
For general DSP stuff, go here.

3. Search before asking questions
This will become more realistic as time passes and the first two rules get followed and enforced. A summary of DSP lore and answers to some frequently asked questions will help make following this rule easier.

Lore Summary
Work in progress.

Between 2005-08-12 and 2005-08-14
DSP placed 4th in a Super Street Fighter II Turbo tournament at Evolution Championship Series (Evo) 2005 at the Green Valley Ranch casino and hotel in Las Vegas, NV. [1, 2]The tournament used a Playstation 1 port of the game, which resulted in numerous players refusing to participate. [2] DSP began referring to himself as the #1 ranked Super Street Fighter II Turbo player in the USA that year and continued to do so despite criticism. [3]
  1. (archive)
  2. (archive)
  3. (no archive)
April 4, 2006
A poster on Shoryuken forums called out DSP for his behavior of regularly challenging people to money matches and picking fights then backing out at the last minute. (archive)

July 16, 2006
A poster on Shoryuken forums implied DSP had been permanently banned from the forums multiple times for being critical of tournament organizers. [1] DSP spent many years claiming he was hated by the FGC because he was a whistleblower who exposed them. [2]
  1. (archive)
  2. SOURCE?
Between 2006-08-18 and 2006-08-20
DSP placed first in a Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Collection tournament at EvoEast 2k6 at the The Weston Stamford Hotel in Stamford, CT.
DSP created a YouTube channel with the username “darksydephil.” He first uploaded videos in a vlog format intermittently and laster, in 2008, began uploading gameplay footage; at the time he pointed a camcorder at his television to capture gameplay footage. [1] This YouTube channel gained multiple achievements largely as a result of DSP uploading Let’s Play/gameplay footage at a time when few others were doing so. [1] He quickly gained notoriety for his seemingly low skill and his habit of blaming things other than himself for his lack of success in whatever he was trying to accomplish in games. [2, 3]
  1. (archive)
  2. (no archive)
  3. (archive)
Between 2007-05-25 and 2007-05-27
DSP placed first in a Super Street Fighter II Turbo tournament at EvoEast 2k7 at the The Weston Stamford Hotel in Stamford, CT.
A YouTube channel called “Gamernook” posted a YouTube video titled “ILoveU Joe (Sagat) Vs Tony B (Balrog) East Coast Throwdown Street Fighter 4” from the East Coast Throwdown fighting game tournament in which an announcer told DSP to stop recording a match and go to his station to compete. The announcer then told DSP if DSP didn’t report to his station he’d be disqualified at which point DSP yelled “Where am I playing? You still haven’t even told me! Jesus Christ, you’re treating me like a [unintelligible]. Want me to run your fucking tournament for you?”A poster on GameFAQs claimed on 2009-05-09 DSP was disqualified from a Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix tournament after reaching 9th place. [2]
  1. (no archive)
  2. (archive)
DSP uploaded a video titled “Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions playthrough pt27” in which a man, presumably his neighbor, yelled “Hey, shut up over there!” after which DSP played the game with no commentary for over a minute then said “Shut the fuck up,” and laughed. (no archive)
Jaha, a regular competitor in various fighting game tournaments, claims he physically confronted DSP at perhaps Evo 2002 after DSP lost a money match asking DSP why he talks shit and demanding he pay up for the lost match. Jaha claimed even though DSP acted aggressive on the Internet he was a coward in person. (no archive)
Viscant, a regular competitor in various fighting game tournaments, claims he challenged DSP to a money match at perhaps Evo 2005 or Evo 2006 as a result of DSP’s constant shit talking. Viscant claimed DSP declined the money match and that DSP challenged him to a physical fight. Viscant claimed that DSP asked him to sign a document absolving DSP of blame if DSP killed him, and engaged Viscant in serious negotiation about who the referee was going to be, weight requirements and weigh-in procedures, and rules. Viscant claimed DSP contacted him on AOL Instant Messenger and suggested they pretend fight each other then to DX crotch shots at the crowds saying “It’ll be such a goof!” Viscant claimed there wasn’t a problem between them after that and that he even let DSP stay at his place the next year when Evo West was in San Diego, CA and that he intervened to defuse an altercation between DSP and two regular competitors in various fighting game tournaments, Mike Watson and Jaha. (archive)
Multiple Vacations
DSP took mysterious "breaks" from July 11-16, October 5-8, and December 6-11. It would turn out that these were dates where Phil was flying his now-wife Kat out to Washington. Phil would also post a picture of Kat from behind, sparking the "Escort Saga" that was ultimately resolved by the reveal of Kat when she moved in with DSP in 2018.
December 2017
DSP revealed that he owed back state taxes from his time in Washington from mid 2014 to 2016, as well as for 2017. He had not paid the state's B&O taxes during this time period, blaming (and continuing to do so to present day) the accountant/attorney/family friend who did his Connecticut taxes for not telling him that he would owe this. His anguish about this financial issue would lead him to use the word "faggot" and "homo" on stream, although he somehow faced absolutely no consequences from Twitch from this. The back state taxes arc culminated in a "SAVE THE HOUSE" fundraiser that ultimately generated more than $3000 in tips on 2017-12-30. Phil would reveal on his Thanksgiving 2018 begging video, however, that the state taxes were actually paid on credit. This fact gives credence to the idea that the house-saving money was actually used to move Kat in and pay for new things for her (clothes, phone, furniture, etc.).
DSP was suspended from Twitch for 24 hours, likely for "fundraising" by asking for bits. Thread here.
DSP was suspended again by Twitch for insulting the physical appearance of another streamer, galahadofgondor, after said streamer made a single comment about Phil ragequiting games. The suspension was indefinite initially but was ultimately reduced to about 2 days. Thread here.
DSP's DSPGaming channel was temporarily suspended by Youtube for spam because his stupid ass uploaded 40-50 videos a day, and the associated Google+ account would make some kind of post about it automatically. Because the videos were all basically the same and numerous, Google detected it as the spam it was. Thread here.
DSP tweeted that he was "facing an emergency" right now and held a 2 hour and 30 minute live stream discussing the issue. He disclosed that he left his partner network Curse and that the separation was in the works for some time. He described the termination of the relationship as "a financial decision" and amicable. He explained that the emergency was his inability to monetize DSP gaming with an error message stating the channel was not eligible for monetization as a result of invalid click activity. DSP attempted to get help from YouTube's creator support while live on stream with no immediate success, finally getting an email later in the day saying the support request had been escalated but no promises could be made at the time. He uploaded the live stream in three parts to a channel he previously made for edited content, KOGaming1. He also uploaded his later stream playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to the same channel in unedited, 10-minute chunks. He was concerned the videos would get ContentID claimed and he wouldn't be able to make money off them otherwise.

DSP made a comment on an IRL stream saying he had a brand new car. Twitter user @BhilPurnell inferred from this that DSP had purchased a second vehicle and checked an auto insurance website for vehicles registered to DSP and Kat at the DSP's address ultimately finding a Subaru WRX. In the end an individual claiming to be Kat's ex-boyfriend that this Subaru WRX did not belong to DSP or Kat; it belonged to him.

A newly discovered vehicle registered in Kat's name at DSP's address was found to actually belong to her ex-boyfriend. When contacted this ex-boyfriend disclosed that Kat had begun a relationship with DSP while he was still dating her and that he felt she used him for money and was probably doing the same thing to DSP. He claimed he kicked Kat out after finding out about her relationship with DSP and that she had self-esteem issues.

DSP revealed on Thanksgiving that he had yet another financial issue. This would ultimately be revealed as unpaid federal taxes for the entirety of 2018. Phil held two "fundraisers" in March and April 2019 (see that spoiler) and also received $4000 from his mother that allowed him to get on a payment plan. As of the end of 2019, he appears to have kept to that payment plan.

December 14th-19th 2018
A Twitch user by the name of emerald_seven, over 5 days, gifted 698 Tier 1 and 600 Tier 3 subs. Assuming standard streamer cuts of 50% for Tier and 70% for Tier 3, Phil received $12,245. He would reveal in 2020 that instead of putting this money toward his upcoming taxes, he used it to delay his inevitable financial debt collapse until he and Kat could get married.
After claiming he and Kat had to go see his parents because they were both decrepit and had one foot in the grave, Phil announced via Twitter/Instagram that he and Kat had a parental gout-house wedding and that he and Kat had actually been engaged since around Christmas 2018. Naturally, Phil spent his wedding night attempting to dunk on trolls instead of actually spending time with his wife. His reveal that he had hidden his engagement and the appearance of having spent his "tax fundraiser" money on a trip to CT to get married led to multiple mods quitting or being dropped. During his post-trip blabber stream, Phil also revealed that he would stop paying his mortgage on the CT condo and declared his belief that the bank would just accept the loss of $40,000-$50,000 after the short sale. He also had hinted at filing for bankruptcy while confirming he had no idea what that actually entailed.

DSP, having had a single tweet go viral related to ProJared, decided that this meant everyone loved him, and he was on a self-declared redemption arc. Having seen a list of all the shit he had done posted by @drgnkiller, Phil flipped the fuck out and announced a "debunking" stream. What followed was 2 hours of Phil declaring "DIDN'T HAPPEN" for each item on the list while providing no actual evidence. This fever dream of a stream was, of course, declared a successful and thorough debunking by Phil. Shockingly, his viral popularity did not in fact lead to any increase in viewership.

DSP had teased a HUGE POSITIVE REVEAL if his paypigs ponied up for a tips goal he yet again desperately needed to hit. As it turned out, the reveal was that he had been lying about not having a cat, and that he and Kat had actually gotten a cat some time before Christmas 2018. For the privilege of being told they were lied to, Phil squeezed $2000+ out of his idiots (including $1000 from PlanetJeff, whose donation message suggested Phil might have known it was coming). At the beginning of the stream, Phil also said there was a "Tier 2" goal if they hit the $2000 mark. He clearly didn't expect to hit this, as when Jeff's donation made it happen, Phil offered up...that he would leave the door open at night sometimes so that Jasper could come in if he wanted to. Naturally, the number of times that Jasper has appeared on stream can be counted on two hands.

DSP hints at a terrible situation for literally the 3rd year in a row. This is now known to be the foreclosure process beginning on the CT condo and subsequent bankruptcy filing decision.

Proper Pangolin found the court case of DSP's foreclosure. Court filings revealed that Phil had in fact not made payments on the mortgage since April 2019 and that he somehow, after almost 10 years, still owed $101,000 on a $128,000 mortgage. With comparable properties selling at around $50,000-$60,000, DSP was going to be on the hook for at least $40,000-50,000. With the foreclosure and likely auction or short sale, he would be responsible for more than that. Naturally, all names and comments referencing this were banned and dismissed as a "detractor meme" and "nonsense".
User @BT9494 posted evidence that Phil, despite his financial woes and near-constant pleading for immediate tipping, had been not only playing the WWE Champions mobile game, but was a high-level VIP, meaning that he had spent substantial amounts of money on the game. Subsequent investigations found that Phil had also whaled in Marvel Future Fight, another game he had specifically talked about playing as late as September 2018. Based on estimated spending required to achieve each VIP level, it is believed that Phil spent somewhere in the neighborhood of at least $40,000 just to become VIP level 12. He is also nearing VIP level 13 and has consistently been near the top of worldwide events in the game, including having all the highest level cards, all of which suggests that he is continuing to spend heavily. Even after revealing the foreclosure and that he would be filing for bankruptcy, Phil is still actively playing (and presumably spending) enough that he is in the top 15 of the ongoing (as of 2020-01-21) event.

A month and a day after it was revealed on Kiwifarms, Phil finally admitted during his "State of the Stream" rambling that he is, in fact, being foreclosed on. When it was pointed out that he had banned people for mentioning it previously and called it nonsense, he performed a beautiful triple-twisting gout-gainer and declared that he had not actually lied because he had never outright denied it. You know, because calling something "nonsense" isn't trying to discredit it. Phil also revealed that he had known this was coming for a while but didn't want to talk about it until the right time (read: until he could use it to try and get more money). Phil's solution to the foreclosure, along with his substantial credit card and loan debt, is to file for bankruptcy. Despite apparently talking to a bankruptcy lawyer for around 3 months, Phil doesn't yet know what type of bankruptcy he's going to be filing for, and he seems blissfully unaware of the ramifications aside from "Muh credit is ruined, but I gets to keep mo' money". @SoapQueen1 and @AnOminous have provided excellent explanations for why he's in for a very rude awakening on what bankruptcy actually entails. More interestingly, because bankruptcies are public information, DSP's actual financial information will soon be made public, including both his income and his outstanding debts.

DSP did not show up to his 341 creditor meeting. Neither did his lawyer. The hearing was continued to March 26th. Covid-19 forced it to be done over the phone. For realtime postings, see the thread starting at Page 173.

Phil's telephonic 341 creditor meeting was conducted successfully. The trustee specifically had Phil be the last person to be heard because she "had some questions". The hearing ultimately took about 40 minutes, which was anywhere from 2x to 8x as long as the other hearings. It's hard to do the call justice in terms of how poorly it went for Phil, so read the thread here.
Official court audio:

Phil's Chapter 7 bankruptcy was granted and ~$140k in debt was wiped.
Phil is dropped from Twitch's partnership program completely. Despite claiming "no reason" was given, evidence suggests one of two reasons: 1) "doxxing" chatter PWDubz by posting his driver's license in the mod Discord and/or 2) uploading Twitch streams immediately to YouTube in violation of the partner agreement's 24 hour exclusivity rule for literally the entirety of his time on Twitch.

Frequently Asked Questions
Also work in progress.
TLDR: DSP gets money from multiple sources. Some of DSP's income sources can be reliably tracked, some can be reasonably estimated, and some can only be irresponsibly speculated about. You can see how much money DSP is getting and when he is getting it here.

Tips: DSP gets tips (direct donations that he receives right away) through Muxy. As of April 2019, DSP switched to Streamlabs because of Muxy allowing fake tips to go through. PayPal charges the tipper something in the ballpark of 2.9% of the tip plus $0.30. Tips can be tracked using the following two methods: pop-up notifications and verbal announcements. When DSP receives tips greater than a certain threshold (at the time of this writing $5) a pop-up notification shows on screen and these can be identified and tallied up. When DSP receives tips he almost always says the name of the tipper and the amount and these announcements can be manually found and tallied up. @EddyB43, @actually, and I have tracked tips in the past. Search posts from these authors for information not compiled in one location. I use the second method. You can find a thread that shows the tips he gets here.

Twitch: DSP is a Twitch partner and gets bits (a site currency equaling one cent) and monthly subscription revenue. Twitch doesn't charge him any fees, charges the individual purchasing bits a markup (anywhere from 27-40% and even worse on mobile), and takes a cut of subscription revenue dependent on the subscription tier ($2.49 of a $4.99 sub, $3.99 of a $9.99 sub, and $7.49 of a $24.99 sub.) Bits can be tracked by logging DSP's Twitch chat which sends IRC raw events containing the amount given, or "cheered," and the individual user who sent them. Subscriptions can be tracked if the subscriber chooses to share their new or renewed subscription in the chat when Twitch sends similar IRC raw events. Subscriptions that are not shared can be inferred by tracking the total number of subscribers DSP has on a regular basis and extrapolating the total minus the number shared and multiplying that number times a sub share like $2.50. @EddyB43 and @actually have both tracked DSP's bits and subs revenue in the past. Monthly summaries can be found here. They occasionally post about bits and subs for recent streams.

Patreon: DSP has a Patreon campaign which accepts monthly pledges, charged up-front the first month and on the first of the month from then on, in exchange for rewards. In the past DSP's Patreon campaign had goals for the total amount pledged in a month but DSP has since abandoned that approach to focus on Twitch sub goals. DSP provides perks for various pledge amounts, ranging from text shoutouts in videos to personal, private Q&A videos. Pledges can be tracked by tracking the number of patrons and the total amount pledged regularly and extrapolating the number and value of added pledges, removed pledges, and one-time pledges or pledge increases. I have tracked Patreon takeaway in the past. You can find a thread that shows the estimated takeaway for each month here.
Dec 30th, 2017 -- "Save the House" begathon
June 6th, 2018 -- Disappearing Youtube freakout / begathon
October 30th, 2018 -- Halloween Begathon
Thanksgiving 2018 -- "Big Problem" reveal
Dec 7th, 2018 -- Indie Games Begathon
Dec 23rd, 2018 -- Christmas begathon in 3 parts (Part 3 was cancelled)
Feb 13th, 2019 -- Retrospective #2 / Tax Begathon
March 13th, 2019 -- Retrospective #3 / Tax Begathon
April 14th, 2019 -- Post-marriage talk-a-thon
June 1st, 2019 -- Retrospective #4/Begathon (Pay Phil so he can hold a fundraiser too!)
August 4th, 2019 -- Jasper Reveal-a-thon
August 29th, 2019 -- "Rage"-a-thon
September 29th, 2019 -- Retrospective #5 / Begathon
October 24th-31st, 2019 -- Halloween weeklong begathon for $1800
Dec 22nd, 2019 -- Christmas begathon
1st half Feb, 2020 -- General begging for bills above expected monies
Feb 23nd, 2020 -- Retrospective #6
Feb 28nd, 2020 -- All the Bills Begathon
May 14th, 2021 -- Booted from Twitch Muh Bills Begathon
Patreon Primer
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