Read this if you're planning to troll anyone involved in the Entersphere -

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There's so much I HAVE AUTISM PLEASE LAUGH AT ME on Deviantart by people involved with this subforum that this stickied thread may as well not exist. Does anybody here actually read these things?

I have seen little to no DA I HAVE AUTISM PLEASE LAUGH AT ME since the original Enter thread.

Show me this supposed I HAVE AUTISM PLEASE LAUGH AT ME.


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This is just pure conjecture, but I don't think ZSponge and Dr. Fanta are actual Enterbots. Something about their posting style seems off to me.
ZSponge is sort of a mystery. He had some decent posts in the beginning, but he then started shitposting for no other reason than "duh subfurums ded." He's probably another underage user who doesn't know how to conduct himself on the website, like BlackFlag01 or WhoWantsStancakes. Overall, he's a dumb I HAVE AUTISM PLEASE LAUGH AT ME.

Fantaman is a definite I HAVE AUTISM PLEASE LAUGH AT ME. He tries to ride of the success of a much better troll know as Epic-Lars. He didn't get much attention, as no one cared, and as I predicted, he was banned within a week.

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Yeah, I checked Fantaman's activity on KYM, and I'm pretty sure he's I HAVE AUTISM PLEASE LAUGH AT ME at this point. To be fair, I actually laughed a lot at his I HAVE AUTISM PLEASE LAUGH AT ME.

Also, MrEnter's KYM page is having a sperg war between his haters and his fans. You can check out the comments section here and grab some popcorn.

This says so much. Well I guess we are not in danger of being raided by children.What a relief!
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