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Read some in Korean from time to time. Somewhat rusty, though. Can read a bit in some other languages. Able to pick out some words in Russian. Can recognize a bunch of languages.

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I read books and poems that were originally written in German as they were originally written. German poetry translates (to English) in a way that's so atrocious that it's not even worth trying, in my opinion. I'm reading Das Stunden-Buch by Rilke, whose name is apparently short for René Karl Wilhelm Johann Josef Maria Rilke. I read books originally written in English in [non-Russian Slavic language] or English. Helps me learn. I'm currently reading Harry Potter because it's easy reading and I know enough of the plot from the movies to make sense of parts of the book that have vocab I don't know.

I also have a ton of Russian reading to do, but I struggle to think of any good Russian books. I haven't read it, but perhaps Anna Karenina? Metro 2033 was amazing.

Films in foreign language are difficult. Looking at subtitles makes looking at the actual film difficult. I don't know how deaf people do it.

I read in English all the time and my Spanish turns worse by day.
If someone knows about a good book for practicing Japanese I would thank you dearly.
If you mean textbooks, it's hard to go wrong with Genki 1 + 2. There's also Human Japanese if you prefer software, and the same people have a site called Satori Reader that can help you get some structured reading practice in. If you meant actual native reading material, Yotsuba&! is a great one to start with. It's easy, but will still teach you a lot of everyday vocabulary and sentence structures, plus it's entertaining enough to make reading large sections easy.
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I have the first harry potter in Japanese that i try to read some times but my Japanese is childs level so i struggle to get past the first page. I also try to talk to random people online in Japanese but im not great with conversations so i just ask basic shit like "did you have good food?"
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I'm fluent in English and Hindi, can read a regional language, and am trying to learn Japanese and French.

I just like languages, okay?!...


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i read News and shit in english. I dont read books in english, there is just one native english writer who was worth his salt and i know his books in and out...
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I try to read/write/listen in english as much as I can since my native language is spanish. Other than that, I've tried learning german and french. Eventually I would drop them after figuring how much I should invest into learning a third language from scratch.

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I just like languages, okay?!...
Which tongues? My favourite ones are French and Ancient Greek.

i read News and shit in english. I dont read books in english, there is just one native english writer who was worth his salt and i know his books in and out...
Extrapolating from your grammar and spelling, ye do not look like a person who reads much at all.


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I started relearning Spanish but haven't graduated to fiction yet. The last I read fiction in Spanish was over 20 years ago.

Inb4 all the weebs show up and ask if their imported doujinshis count.
I imported classic French comics BDs. Bad idea, comics are the absolutely worst to read in a foreign language. Weebs who try to parse (I assume) bad native Japanese in doujinshis are absolute champions.


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Reading Korean, Japanese, Filipino, and Traditional Chinese.

Though, I'm not a fan of Bopomofo, I prefer Pinyin over that archaic system.