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What format do you prefer to read? Hardcover? Mass market paperback? EPUB? Audiobook?

What are your ideal reading conditions?

Personally I like hardcover books but if I really want to read something I'll read it in any format I can find. I really like audiobooks too since I can listen to them while I clean or drive around. Best case scenario I like to read sitting on my couch or a comfy chair near an open window.


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I personally love hardcover books, but let's face it. Most books don't even have a hardcover version. Those that do tend to have the hardcover version be far more expensive than the paperback. With that being said, paperback is perfectly acceptable.


For some reason PDF/EPUB just doesn't do it for me.

As for ideal reading conditions, I am not picky. Just give me enough light, and someplace that isn't really loud and there is a good chance I can make it work. Hell, I have been known to read while hanging upside-down from my feet.

We've been trying to reduce the amount of crap we own and a huge part of that was getting rid of our books and trying to only buy ebooks or go to the library. Such a tiny percentage actually goes to the author anyway, but I feel bad not really supporting our local bookstore anymore.

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Hardcover makes for a great makeshift bludgeoning weapon when you're in a pinch.

Jokes aside, I don't care if it's hardcover or paperback, just as long as it's a physical copy I can read and sniff that new book smell. I can't ever bring myself to get a Kindle for regular reading, I'm already in front of the computer screen a lot more than I really should be as-is. Also doesn't sound like it makes for comfy handling, I need physical copies so I can recline and curl up anywhere and however I want.

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Hardcover uber alles but I'll read anything in any format I can get it in, typically epub these days. If I read an epub edition of a book and I really like it, I will hunt it down in hardback (if available) and buy it.
I had to clear out my book collection when it started to get out of hand (circa 1300+), ended up selling or donating the huge majority of them and only kept the ones I couldn't bear to part with. On the plus side, the 5000 or so ebooks I've got fit on a memory stick or my phone...

The best bit of getting home from work is filling my litre mug with coffee and parking my ass on the couch with my headphones on and reading until it's time to sleep or refill the coffee.
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Optimally it is a hardcover book, but paper will do. I can't read electronic books, reading internet forums and articles is annoying enough even with a nice monitor. Reading in any moving vehicle is strictly out of the question, I get sick as a catgirl.

I like to read either in a comfy recliner in a quiet room or outside in the shade. Used to read in bed but I stopped doing that many years ago since it interfered with my sleep.


I prefer physical books, but I would say most of my literature is consumed via audiobooks. I spend a lot of time in the car so it's just the most convenient thing to fill the long, boring drives. I also listen to them when I'm walking, running, cycling, etc. Really helps me get through the long list of things I want to read.

I read PDFs/EPUBs only when I can't get it anywhere else or am only a little curious about it and don't feel like paying for it.

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I fell for this meme. I stopped reading when the author talked about how he used to rob niggers and planned a school shooting. He is a criminal degenerate. Pressing G to gas.

I prefer audiobooks. I use to do an audiobook a day easily. At this point I have listened to like 200 of them. Mostly science fiction. I remember in middle school finding The Old Man's War on YouTube and listening to it in a single night. I also listened to The Forever War like that and Children of the Mind like that.

What makes or breaks and audiobook is the voice actor. A perfect example of Will Save the Galaxy for Food. The author reads it.



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I listen to audiobooks (and podcasts) on my beloved bluetooth headphones while I clean and do chores.

The times I do ever read books, it's always on my tablet as I'm falling asleep.
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I personally love hardcover books, but let's face it. Most books don't even have a hardcover version. Those that do tend to have the hardcover version be far more expensive than the paperback. With that being said, paperback is perfectly acceptable.
If a hardcover book is actually bound by hand then it's absolutely worth extra money to me. Bookbinding is a pretty fascinating art, and when it's done well it's beautiful. That said, most mass-produced hardcovers aren't really made with much more skill, care or quality of materials than the paperback versions. Certainly not enough to justify the price difference.


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I'm very much a fan of physical books over reading e-books, but I do love that I can find so many things online. For me it's hard to read something on my tablet compared to a physical book, and I often end up losing my place and have to remember what chapter I was on. Last thing I tried to read was A Princess of Mars, I decided I'd rather get a physical copy (with a Frazetta cover becasue fuck yes).
I prefer hardcover books becasue they hold up better in a bag or backpack, but 90% of my books are paperbacks.

I'd like to get more into audiobooks, that would be great to have on in the background while doing art stuff. I've listened to Christopher Lee's readings of Dracula and The Exorcist, the latter of which has an audiobook done by the author that is apparently really good. And say what you like about Harry Potter but they had some very good books on tape which young-me liked a lot.

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Despite the fact that I could get most philosophy and for that matter classical texts for free with ease on the internet, and most texts besides that for the minor cost of a little more effort, I fill up my shelves with paperbacks of books all slated to be read.

If I can get it physical, I'm good enough. If I absolutely have to do digital, I'll do it begrudgingly - and I'll be all the more agitated if it's something like, say, a comic. I gave audiobooks a try, but I can't meaningfully tune in to them. Getting about 10-25% of a given work's intent smacks to me of shoddy, so I'd rather fill that space with podcasts and sadboy cry cry music.

And what could be better than, at current, kicking back in a chair in the shade, lighting up a nice cigar, pairing it with a light summer beer, and tuning out the urban slop all around? Being able to do that pantsless, but that's a goal for down the line.

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I prefer trade paperbacks since they are cheaper and therefore not an enormous loss should my kids mess them up or suffer some other bit of damage.
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