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I don't know if it's a copypasta but I found this gem in the comments

That thumbnail though... 😂😂😂
Just Google search images of Trump. There's 1000 more where this one came from. What a president..what a prize! 🤣
This "so-called leader" of the free world.. 🤣🤣 This grotesque, sloppy, orange orangutan..This lying toddler-like narcissist..This evil, wicked, promoter of hatred & divisiveness.. This racist, sexist, bigoted white nationalist..This Putin loving POS Nazi.. This so-called "chosen one" 🤣🤣🤣 who opens his mouth, only to spew erratic, incompetent, mindless, senseless redderick, and vile TRASH!
I mean if looks could kill, we'd all be Fcked! Oh wait, we are and will continue to be, if this substandard, inadequate EMBARRASSMENT of a leader is reelected!!!
Just look at all the elected Republican officials, who as of recently, have spoken out against this fckin clown & his policies, and have resigned as a result. Those left are all nasty crooked sell outs, old farts, and poo boys (the Mitch McConnells and Lindsay Grahams) Or those who are secretly embarrassed, ashamed, & probably can't stand the twat, but would rather kiss ass and play nice, than risk being bullied and losing their positions.

Oh and lastly.. if Chump can say what he did last week, in regard to Democratic Jewish American voters.. Then I say; Anyone who supports this buffoon, is either
A.) a millionaire/billionaire who supports special interests groups for their own selfish monetary gain, as well as giant corporations & big government spending on such
B.) a mislead evangelist who can't seem to decipher between a sinner, a saint, or satan.
C.) a middle aged to elderly (but sometimes much younger) white male, who at heart, is an "undercover racist," supports white nationalism, and secretly believes women, minorities, homosexuals, people of color and those of different ethnicities, are all inferior to him and his peers
B.) a subservient wife or girlfriend to the man listed above E.) a staunch supporter of the NRA who would rather give guns to kids, instead of stopping the mass shootings and killing of kids.
Or finally, F.) Individuals who are severely misinformed and or ignorant to reality and the world around them, have no real sense of self or identity, and are easily lead astray by cult-like leaders who give them a sense of belonging and comradery.

Brianna Wu's opinions are worth about as much as currency with images of Sadaam Huessein. That delusional troon just inserted himself into the Gamergate fiasco because no one found it worth their time to commit an actual hate crime on the silly faggot. Every "threat" he got was a fabricated love-letter to himself, likely written while he pushed a carrot up his own rectum.


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Why is impeachment still a discussion? It won't happen. If they really want him out, they should focus on the 2020 election and the few candidates from the left that have a chance.
Two possibilities:
  1. The Left has been suffering from fragile ego syndrome and a crisis of confidence since 2016 (which they have) and are doubtful of their ability to beat him in 2020 (which should at least be a concern for them, if they're not utterly out of touch).
  2. Impeaching him at any point would be a valuable, if ultimately only symbolic, feather in their cap they could point to when addressing the more dogmatic sections of their base to drum up support for literally whatever they wanted.
Personally why they seem to still want this more than to secure a Democrat president is beyond me. I don't want to just chalk it all up to TDS but fuck me if I haven't seen a dozen stranger things in American politics since Pmurt was elected.
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