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I've been running a PIA affiliate banner for probably 3 years now and a lot of you have it so I feel sort of obligated to talk about why I swapped them out. PIA has a very, very generous commission rate of 33% and I've been using them myself for as long as I've advertised them. I also use NordVPN, a more recent banner I've put up, specifically for mobile devices. I give my friends who cannot afford these things access to my accounts so they can have some more privacy online. I have never advocated using a service I do not use and if I stop using something I stop advertising it.

Two big things happened lately that were brought to my attention and I can't ignore them.

Nord got hacked - then didn't tell anyone
I was initially unconcerned with the NordVPN hack because of how unimportant the leaked data was. Someone gained access to one of the hundreds of VPN servers that Nord owns and managed to do nothing with it. What I dwelled on in the weeks after was how they tried to cover it up. The Kiwi Farms was hacked and it likely would not have had such a significant and immediate impact on the site's userbase if I didn't say anything about it. However, over time, the obfuscation of such a thing would have inevitably eaten its way out into the light and done more significant damage to the overall trust of the site and people's confidence in my ability to communicate important things to them honestly.

The fact that my shitty little forum had a higher standard for communicating potential problems than an actual privacy service whose entire business revolves around trust and security is something I can't tolerate.

PrivateInternetAccess got bought
PIA is good and has only gotten better over time but in the last month they were purchased by a conglomerate.

This is a $127 million dollar deal, and I don't believe such deals are made just to help make existing services better. The acquiring company has a poorer reputation than London Trust Media does by itself and will almost certainly consolidate its hardware, internet assets, and datacenters together to make the PrivateInternetAccess network a less atomized and private network altogether.

I do not believe that PIA or Nord are at immediate risk of anything. To existing customers, what I would advocate is continuing to use your subscription and then consider new VPNs when they come up for renewal.

One thing worth mentioning with Proton is that they've not published an independent security audit, though they've claimed for an extended period of time that they are working on getting those results out as soon as possible. If this happens I will promote the news visibly.
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you'll never catch me behind my 7 proxies. Unironically though it seems like there aren't a lot of vpns that exist to protect you even the ones that are ok aren't run very honestly. I don't really have a solution for that either. It just seems like you have to constantly move vpns if you want to stay secure

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Nord always seemed like a scam anyways. Too many normie YouTubers were shilling for it.
That's probably the biggest reason I used PIA. I found it years ago after searching google for an actually good VPN and I never saw any advertising for it anyway. Niche things are almost always better for some reason.

Seeing it shilled here only made me feel more reassured, it's a shame that's it's probably going to go down the shitter in a few years like the rest of them.

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Everyone I talk to in the tech side of things are more concerned about NordVPNs posts about the hack than the hack itself as everyone knows all the hackers got was near useless information. (Too many steps to actually make it worth your time and would only affect you if you choose that server and it was in some bumfucknowhere country no one used anyways unless you were doing something illegal. The new owners of Private Internet Access have said that they're going to allow the service to be autonomous so people are just waiting and seeing what happens. So far they're keeping their word but it hasn't been very long. Things didn't work out well for the other services Kape bought out though. Seems however the deal was made so someone else can payoff PIA's debt they've accumulated over the years.


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Fair. At this point, anything but PiA is a good idea.

Proton is fine for regular VPN uses to stop the MPAA coming down on your ass. If you're doing anything sensitive, just use Tor as well. It's not exactly difficult. Support Null, you faggots.

If you want to be a real sperg about it, there are sites out there that give you detailed breakdowns of VPNs by characteristics of interest, though it should be noted that they do not provide information on some very important things like who owns the company that runs a VPN (PiA, CyberGhost, SaferVPN, Hola, and GeoSurf are very dangerous for example).