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VPNs in my opinion are too big a target for not being very attractive for subversion by certain agencies.

The kind of agencies that do things like subvert VPNs are not going to blow their whole operation to go after some shitposter on a lolcow forum. They will save that shit for something actually important. They don't care about you that much.

Part of the whole point of subverting a VPN is to keep up your surveillance operations. If they blow the whole deal by actually using information they got, unquestionably, from raping a VPN, they've just driven away all their more valuable targets from using that.

So I "trust" TLAs to do what TLAs do, and what they do is not squander their most valuable resources. They don't care about you, they aren't going to fuck with you.

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I run my own VPN on an EC2 instance, works wonderfully. Free for a year, and something like $7 a month at my current data usage after. Highly recommend.

I use Vultr and WireGuard. $3.50 a month for 500GB of monthly bandwidth, 512MB of RAM and 10GB SSD, which is perfect for a VPN.
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So uh, what happened to ProtonMail and ProtonVPN?