Realistic grocery haul 08/18/20 -


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It's just a matter of time before she drops a bunch of money on a new camera and then goes back to filming with her phone.

Does anyone else remember how she sperged last year about how orange juice is not healthy? I guess apple juice and pineapple juice are fine, though?
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You better tech that, you lil-
Remember when she used to insist she was "obsessed" with drinking water?
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Don't be so toxic. She said she wasn't gonna tell us what belonged to who. All of that stuff is clearly stuff that Becky chose because Becky was the one who went to the store. So clearly all of it is Becky's!

There's no way those 100 Grands last more than 100 minutes.
Also, how long ago was her surgery? How legitimate could it be that the doctor/surgeon/nurse told her don't lift anything heavier than a gallon? She's carrying two extra people in fat cells, you gonna tell me that lifting a gallon of milk is gonna make her insides perforate?

-grocery haul
-of course she sent becky out
-claims she usually only shows what she gets, conveniently forgetting all the stuff shes claimed was beckys over the years
-diet drinks of course
-becky is 'weaning' herself off dr pepper (she got that fucking disgusting cream soda kind)
-her dr said she can have 3 sugary drinks a week (sure)
-alr claims to only have 1 diet soda a day, that must be why they bought 30
-shes gonna make some snack with lemon juice? says it will be in video but that wont happen
-got individual chip bags like she wont eat 6 at a time
-theyve got SO MANY DRINKS
-our dainty girl is too delicate to handle a gallon of milk
-she 'forgets' she had surgery sometimes (weird since all she does is use it as an excuse)
-needs a new camera, didnt she already get one?
-more art supplies for beckys 'special' projects
-so far its all fucking snacks
-and raw chicken
-shes till a dry gorl
-even more art supplies for becky
-prepackaged sides bc shes probably too busy to just cook rice or potatoes
-the SALT yall
-MORE DRINKS. and flavor powders to make even MORE drinks
-individually wrapped potatoes bc fuck the environment
-becky picked out her soups. she definitely didnt make her facetime through the whole store
- bought several packs of mini candy bars to 'stock up' bc she only eats a couple and not whole packs at a time like we've seen before
-bitches about the lighting
-its 'trying to be dark'
tl;dw yeah that weights coming back

at least she didnt get fresh foods to rot while she orders take-out every night

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I checked calorie & sodium counts as she showed us her haul - most very high sodium & calories - most not so bad if you limit yourself to ONE serving. She won't.

I still shake my head at the individual shrink wrapped veggies she buys.

I always figured she used instant mashed potatoes, (white school glue tastes better), & now I know that for sure.

What she bought, let's be real; is snack stuff to tide her over between her multiple daily takeout/fast food meals. It's almost all junky, snacky food.

We'll be back over 500 lbs. in no time.


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Dammit gorls! If she's going to have to get a xxxl coffin she's going to fill out every last inch of it! If she has to pay for the extra room she's going to use it!

...wait too soon? :oops:

She's buying like she's trying to gain, I'm sure it's just to get more hate views and diet spergery in the comments for the shekels.