Really basic things you can't do or didn't know -

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I also can't drive (kind of). I have driven a fair amount with a permit (even in suburban areas) during two separate time periods, I know the rules of the road, and have passed the written test on two separate occasions but I have such crippling anxiety, about how dangerous driving is and how many people don't think about how dangerous it is while doing it and thus make horrifically stupid decisions that put both their and others' lives in even greater danger, that both times that I've taken the I've been failed for the same reason: being noticeably too nervous.

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The public school system failed me badly as a child and I'm functionally math illiterate :(

I forgot to add, I did learn to type properly but I preferred the pecking method and used it for the majority of my formative computer years, so now as a young professional my proper typing is noticeably slow and inaccurate.

I'm a mess guys, I'm just a mess.
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I have never been able to properly crack a soft-boiled egg open.

I drove for many years before GPS came along. Tried using maps and the like, and I'd just get lost...I'm exceptional when it comes to directions, what else can I say.
Reading maps (and orientation) is an intriguing skill. I've met people who can't read a map to save their lives, but can give Citymapper a run for their money in giving you directions to any place.
Personally, I've always had an autistic, Boy Scout-ish need to be able to navigate by my own means and can't stand the voice of the GPS-thing telling me what to do at every turn.


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I can't, and don't really want to learn, how to drive. Can't ride a bike either, but I'm going to fix that someday. If my uncoordinated ass could figure out skateboarding, I should be able to figure out a bike.
Speaking of uncoordinated, I can't swim properly either. I can do a shitty doggy paddle, which won't save my life anytime soon but it is a decent workout.


I can't read cursive. I can write it, but trying to read it takes way too long as I literally have to read a word at a time for most papers.
My handwriting situation is in the exact same shit pit as yours, I sympathize
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