Really basic things you can't do or didn't know -

Guts Gets Some

"Sword=cock" -Susumu Hirasawa
Hmm... I sat looking at this topic for several minutes, unable to think of anything. Most of what I've wanted to do and couldn't, I just forced myself to learn and eventually did.

Then I remembered handwriting. To this day, my writing looks on par with a 3rd grader and my cursive is so bad, half the time I forget how to do any letter past my name (as it's the only thing I ever use in cursive).

Give me digital any day. And not those shitty touch screen sign-pads either. Keyboards.


I don't have a license, so I can't drive. Never had a license.

Never shot a gun. Can't write in cursive.

Well, I shouldn't say 'can't', really, I guess I technically could, but it would look really shitty.


I don't drive. My school dropped me out of Driver's Ed because I failed Math one semester and "driving is a privilege." So, being a stupid Teen, I said "Well, screw you then" and never re-enrolled. Been to depressed/anxious to try getting a license since then.

I also can't roll my Rs. I always end up making a Chewbacca-like growl in my throat whenever I try.

Smaug's Smokey Hole

too many youtube makeup videos
I can't draw anything beyond a stick figure of such low quality that cavemen would laugh.

I also can't fix a goddamn thing that doesn't have a motherboard. Not even something a simple as a toilet. When the global EMP hits look me up if you're hungry because serving as food for hungry cannibals is about all I'll be good for.
Feels on the drawing but it worked out for Harvey Pekar, he drew/wrote his scripts and had someone translate it into a comic

I have shitty handwriting (:_(
I have shitty, peculiar but extremely consistent handwriting. People that grew up with a different script, and a couple of south americans that I used to work with, think it's beautiful and that is really weirding me out. Imagine drawing an "a" or a "T", I draw it just like that but start where you end. The weight of the strokes are in the wrong places and the trails in the letter isn't where they should be. It is wonky, but consistent, like a font.

Guts Gets Some

"Sword=cock" -Susumu Hirasawa
I can balance on skates, rollerblades, ice skates etc... skateboards however, nope. Always fall on my ass. Always.
Interesting. It's the exact opposite with me. Probably because I absolutely NEED full control and having both feet on wheels is way too unruly to me. At least on a board, I always have that other free foot to keep me stopped.

Sprig of Parsley

Damnation dignified
I can balance on skates, rollerblades, ice skates etc... skateboards however, nope. Always fall on my ass. Always.
I actually learned how to rollerskate as a kid and decided it wasn't interesting enough to spend any money on. Rollerblades kind of eluded me for a bit, as while they're not that different from skates they felt a bit more challenging to effectively use. Ice skates are right out for me. I've tried really hard to skateboard (and I used to dress in skater chic in my early teens because I wanted to be one, really badly) and I can't do it. Long board, short board, doesn't matter.

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