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Mr Zero
Dec 30, 2014
Rebecca Cohen is a self proclaimed SJW Artist who freelances making Feminist comics for Upworthy along with her main endeavor which is a web comic called Gyno-Star.

Instead of explaining it. I'll just let the comic speak for itself:


(This is literally the most recent comic. I didn't even need to go through them all to find any worst examples.)

(Gyno-Star torturing a man for information like any good superhero would do.)


(This isn't the first time Gyno-Star beat up a stay at home mom and it won't be the last.)

(Why won't Gyno-Star stop assaulting women for their political opinions?)


(Gyno-Star and her sidekick breaking into a meat packing factory and then brutally murdering all the employees as punishment for them killing animals.)

I'm not even trying to be clever or anything. That's literally what's going on. Go read the comic yourself there is no other context. They aren't criminals the guy even talks about how they are up to date with all the Department of Agricultural regulations. Gyno-Star breaks into a slaughterhouse then finds out they kill animals at the slaughterhouse then her and her sidekick murder all the employees. WTF does this even have to do with feminism?


LB: Is Gyno-Star Jewish?

RC: I always conceived of Gyno-Star as being a generic superhero. The problem there is that there's no such thing as a generic person, not even a generic feminist. You have to make some choices. So I gave her light skin and brown hair, because I have light skin and brown hair. But I still want her to be an "everywoman," so as much as I can I've been avoiding specific choices about her background.

This can only last so long, because as the series has gone on her character traits have filled in. For me, it's an effort to make sure that Gyno-Star isn't just a fantasy version of myself. So I have to ask how similar to myself I'm going to let her be. I feel like if I admit she's Jewish, then she's just me, but taller and with bigger boobs.

(It's not a self insert fanfic if she's not Jewish.)


― Rebecca Cohen

Rebecca Cohen makes feminists seem like violent psychopaths. Instead of making this a normal superhero comic where Gyno-Star fights crime or protects women from being raped or something.

She has her protagonist, the hero of this story assault, torture and murder people for disagreeing with her political opinions. Though Rebecca often gives them crazy straw man beliefs sometimes she will actually just give them normal anti-feminist or anti-liberal talking points. But instead of providing a rational rebuttal to the points she just has Gyno-Star physically assault the person in the middle of them speaking while Gyno-Star says some quirky zinger. Then Gyno-Star will just insult the person while she beats them and they don't even fight back.

Ontop of this Rebecca is famous for her blatant hypocrisy. Often doing things like, ranting about how bad societal beauty standards are and complaining about there not being enough fat superheroes. While making her superhero a skinny large breasted brunette with a skin tight suit to show off her body.

Reaction to Criticism:

After Bad Webcomic Wiki did a review of The Adventures of Gyno-Star Rebecca Cohen vandalized the article and the website demanding they apologize for writing it.



Men för i helvete!
Aug 12, 2016
Dinner is served.

Here is her wandalising the Bad Webcomics page and demanding an apology:

Here is her reaction to it as set out on the Bad Webcomics Wiki:

What the hell does she deserve an apology for? Her horrible writing?


Fuck Cumrobbery!
True & Honest Fan
Feb 7, 2016
Sometimes she actually makes some good points, to be fair. Even if the points lack any subtlety and are usually spelled out for the reader, almost as if the writer is treating her audience like children.

like this comic for example, it acknowledges that both sides of the internet social-justice spectrum are both pretty silly. It mocks your typical gamergater manchild, but also mocks the slacktivism of twitter feminists who sit on the computer whining all day. It's nice to see an unbiased approach to this kind of issue because it's almost always one-sided.

The art is weird though, it's not even that bad looking, it's just really generic and boring. Almost like clip-art.


True & Honest Fan
Mar 9, 2015
Dobson is worse. Dead art from a man dead inside.
Assuming Dobson could get out of his pity party enough to draw, I could see him doing this exact comic, my god.

I lack any proper English, grammar or review so I leave you with this thought on the comic

This shit is fucking bad.