Bull Dykes and Twitter Psyches
Wondering if I can take an hour out of my Saturday morning to do a deep dive and find out how many times she has done this exact thing before


....Oh and a picture says a thousand words - this is the final expression Amber gives on the 'rebrand' vid

So Amber is rebranding from what to what?
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Amber saying she respects other people's opinions is FUCKING hilarious!

Of course she is a Bernie supporter of course. "I am not going to vote because I am bias" The fuck Amber all votes are bias. Her calling Trump "disgusting, rude and cruel." Is fucking T. "he has mocked the disabled." Gorl like you mocking that Alzheimer patient. "He made the Florida shootings, he made about himself." Oh like you fucking taking to twitter when Destiny and Becky's moms died.

She still does not realise how dependent she is on hatewatchers. Its all she has currently and its dropping a lot of the smaller reaction channels are on verge of dropping her because her content is boring. Its fucking bad that Chantel of all people is a better content creator.

She at least uses a green screen
She cooks "interesting" food.
She at least fucking tries
She is more of a trainwreck and is at least aware of it in a non-offensive way most of the time.

Please I hated doing that...

On her "rebrand" though this is not going to go down well at all. She does not realise that everything she has brought upon herself. I don't know how many people are going to watch her go to Targe and turn her cyyyyyyuuute flat into something from an episode of hoarders.

She also says something retarded which irked me; "Youtubers rebrand themselves all the time." BITCH FUCKING WHEN. Youtubers dont rebrand because it is hard and the diminishing returns outweigh the positives. For example the only example I can think of is Joey Graceffa in which he does minecraft shit on a side channel but thats technically not a rebrand and his minecraft shit gets more views than his actual shit. Shane Dawson you could call the exception but its Shane he had like 50 million subs and his content changed with his audience. Amber barely has 100k and to be accurate 60k. She is not going to get this her way.

Turd Fergusson
She also says something retarded which irked me; "Youtubers rebrand themselves all the time." BITCH FUCKING WHEN. Youtubers dont rebrand because it is hard and the diminishing returns outweigh the positives.
This is quite accurate. Most YTers will create another channel and hope that the viewers of the original one will watch the new one. No YTer doing travel will suddenly become a cooking channel. Instead, they will create a cooking channel and promote it on the travel channel. They will also do merchandising, collaboration with other YTers, anything to attrack new viewers. Most people watch her because she is on a weightloss journey or dealing with cancer. Not showing these will turn off a lot of people.

She did not show any of the interesting things that she did in the last three months. When the boys had decided to move out and found a place to live, she could have done a few “looking for a new place to live” videos, and when she moved, she could have done a few videos on it. Same thing when they went to buy furniture. Even her cancer saga could have been better done. She could have shown the process from diagnosis to treatment. Instead, we got hauls. We all go to grocery stores, department stores, order stuff from Amazon; this is not interesting.

Mr. Ghoul
So basically she's just gonna have a full on hording channel.

Alright then, we'll do that.

Bring on the endless back to back spending hauls of cheap chinese made junk. I'm sure the positive feedback gush forth like blood from a cancer ridden period hole.

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Turd Fergusson
For Amber, rebranding is another word for “Same shit, different color or smell or day.”
I guess that she looked at Patreon and figured that it would take too much work and effort to get one going. This is not what Amber is known for. Instead, she does the age old marketing trick of putting “new recipe”, “better tasting “, “more raisin ” to the same old formulation. “The new Amber will be like the old Amber but more of it.“

her contents are garbage. She knows that this will not work, and then she will go back to what her fans really want: her eating and trying on clothes that would not fit Becky.

Amber(again)lynn is a circus freak. You do not go to the see the 1000 pound woman explain Einstein's theories. You want to feel the horror that comes with seeing her eat and lumber about.

I wonder if she will just do the patreon to see if she can make similar amounts of money with even less effort.
So she wants to vlog her daily life. Did she live in Bumfuck, KY so long that she doesnt realize that people in civilized society go to Target every week? She thinks she's such a trendy big city gorl.
She is the type of white trash that sees consuming lots of cheap junk as proof of being successful. She talks about how well off she is, but where is the proof. Classy ladies who make less than her will have a smaller collection of jewelry, clothes, and whatever else, but they will have designer goods and gold. She does not understand that type of lifestyle. To her, the more she has and the more she shows she has, the more successful she appears.

This is in contract to the Williamsonian white trash that sees normal life as teen pregnancy, dying before age 25, and being on welfare from the cradle to the grave.
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