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Yellow Yam Scam

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I'm bored with all my fave lolcows. Recommend a hot, new, up and coming cow for me to follow.

MG 620

The Slaton sisters (or Amy Slaton). A Kiwi favorite that keeps posting interesting and extremely funny videos. We all love fatties.


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DSP is pretty great since most of his kahntent is audio/video, and there are hours upon hours of "This Is How You DONT Play" videos mocking him, as well as a black dood and several mentally ill sociopaths doing "Lets Endure's" of his shit. I also recommend the PandaLee (his FULL TIME GIRLFRIEND who moved with him into their ADULT HOUSE) vlog endures

The Tenth Doctor

How about Leah Remini. Her big news flash is, Surprise, Hollywood actors get away with murder.

People like OJ and Robert Blake didn't even need Scientology to help them.

Why is it that the people that bitch about Scientology are fucked up and crazier than the people that belong to it?

I'm waiting for her to go into full lolcow melt down.
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Darwin Watterson

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Donny Long has recently experienced a resurgence in popularity, and he's great. He's an ex porn star who may or may not have been run out of the industry (there's a couple different narratives), and now spends his days ranting and raving about "fags." Everyone whom he doesn't like is a gay pedophile, which sucks for him 'cause he really doesn't like anybody. Well, no, that's not completely true. He's his own biggest fan and seems to genuinely believe himself to be a god. He also makes Chris seem intelligent at times. Five Donnies would probably equal one Chris.

His thread stagnated for a while because people got bored of him, but he's recently found his way back into the limelight with an incredibly stupid plot to get all our personal information by simultaneously impersonating and slandering Null's mom. He's ostensibly working with Vordrak, but Vordy has virtually no control over him, and he's ultimately more of a hindrance than a help.

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I need the surreal. I'm so bored of SJWs, incels, and their fringe political ilk, I follow lunatics to escape that kind of crap.

Give me the Jaces, the fedmsokers, the classic chris-alikes, the brad watsons. I want people who are so hilariously nuts that you can't help but smile and shake your head. Bad people doing bad things has bored me. Keep Kiwi Farms Weird.


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@Yellow Yam Scam:
Tommy Tooter/Thomas Wasserberg is pretty good. Tom's a deranged, toothless old Arizonian hippie who's been trolling and threatening online communities since the Netz' earliest days, and has spent over 350 pages here regularly spewing nonsense at @Null and a couple of other Kiwis who've doxed him, and documented his offsite insanity. Tom also rivals ADF as the world's least convincing MtF troon.
A promising newbie is John S. Bulla, a perverted, mentally-ill, registered sex offender in Florida who's also a pseudo-Mormon religious fanatic who's convinced that most American men, from Donald Trump on down, are demonic homosexuals who are preventing him from fucking supermodels.


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@DragonTerpsRevenge had an obscure thread here detailing how he'd spend hundreds of dollars on custom porn videos and claiming that his credit card was stolen. He found his thread and began sperging in it.

Also, there's Kevin Allred. He teaches a class at Rtugers called "Beyonce Studies" and was given a psych evaluation by the NYPD for threatening to go on a shooting spree.

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I'd gladly suggest Matt Cross aka M who promotes himself as a former PUA turned anti-PUA who has a hatred for anything Hollywood and turn beta males into insecure men with Napoleon complex.

He peddles overpriced recycled common sense PUA bullshits such as 33 Secrets To Dating Beautiful Women (YouTube) and 44 Secrets To Becoming A REAL Alpha Male (YouTube) for $0000s

I managed to get hold of his 33 Secrets without paying the $0000s and it's full of the same recycled bullshit every PUAs spin out where he tell his followers to not settle for average girls and instead date 8, 9 and 10s beautiful women half their age.

In the audios, he suggest listeners that they should
  • Make women insecure by poking holes on their confidence, because they don't want men to make them feel secure
  • Date beautiful women to get back on your ex who wants to see you end up with less attractive women.
  • Society don't want you to date beautiful women
  • Have a social media page that promote luxury, wealth and not scream little boy such as video games and include lots of photos of you with other girls
  • Beautiful women likes men who drive European luxury car brands
Remember folks, 18 year old hot girls likes men over 35s
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