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But I think maybe you missed the point of the book, which was, in part, satirizing academia and now full of shit academics are. It's been over a decade since I read it, but it was pretty obvious... the absurdly labyrinthian footnotes alone are a tipoff.
Yeah, I also haven't read it in over a decade, but that's the sort of thing I'm talking about.
The problem is that it isn't really good at any of the things it sets out to do. It's not a good mystery, "love story", or satire, and it's definitely not good at being all those things. I guess it's probably a good postmodern novel.
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House of Leaves was a terrible book. The author was so far up his own ass it was incredible. Now that I think about it, it's kind of like if JJ Abrams wrote a book. Flashy, well-packaged, with a convoluted story/mystery that has the appearance of being deep, but isn't.
It's not a terrible book, the way it plays with formatting is cool and the central idea is scary and very unique, especially for 2000.

When you say a terrible book you have no idea how many truly terrible books there are out there, it may be a required taste but it's a wholly unique book that tries to innovate and that alone makes it way better than terrible.

I'd love to see a double bill of Flash Gordon and Flesh Gordon (the 70's porn parody).
Both films had fascinating productions. The latter especially so, having giving a start to several Oscar winning Hollywood VFX artists, a legal battle with the feds who seized the film which ultimately culminated in the legalisation of 'oral copulation' in the US and a crazy tale of embezzlement, drugs and insanity that makes Boogie Nights look like a documentary based on it's making. All that and it also manages to be a love letter to the old Republic serials and influenced the 80's version to boot.
Ever seen the sequel Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders? Somehow that movie played on cable, though I guess because it was softcore and not hardcore, but that allowed me to watch it once as a teen and dang is it bizarre.

Took three years, but the curse finally found its mark today....
Eh, I'd say after 3 years it's a coincidence.
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Yeah, no.
Ever seen the sequel Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders? Somehow that movie played on cable, though I guess because it was softcore and not hardcore, but that allowed me to watch it once as a teen and dang is it bizarre.
I actually saw the sequel first, at a college film society showing of all places! Could you imagine such a thing as a film society showing a sci-fi parody titty film that openly mocks faggots in current year? Sigh.. they were better times...
I bought a copy of Flesh Gordon on DVD thinking it was the sequel, because I only remembered the name of the film was a parody of Flash Gordon and didn't know there even was a sequel, thus, I was a bit taken aback by all the full frontal in the film that I distinctly didn't remember being there the first time I saw it....
It's worth a buy for the commentary alone which is very informative and spills all the behind the scenes tea in the way that bland DVD commentaries rarely do. and it's not really a porno per se, since the FBI seized and destroyed all of the X rated footage, but you can easily tell that it was.
The sequel is fun, it's a stupid light hearted sex comedy that's better then it has any right to be but it's quite self consciously camp and as much a loving homage to the original as the original was to the old Flash Gordon serials.
The original has more of a Re:View cult classic charm to it, it was clearly a (no pun intended) passion project by a bunch of skin flick peddlers with big dreams at the height of porn's popularity and that of then unknown future VFX Oscar winners like Rick Baker, Dennis Muren.
Here's the trailers for both.



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I was rewatching the latest Botw

Time Stamped

This aired before the whole Shatner boomer fight started, and yet Rich says "Mike, You do realize that someday, someday very soon, Karma is gonna hit you like a freight train."

And then the same month Shatner goes after them. A lot of people are saying it's so ridiculous this almost seems like trollbait and will end with Shatner showing up. I honestly don't believe that but this sure is a funny coincidence,.

Karma, calling for Mike Stoklasa!
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This is why we can't have nice things. Because fans think they speak for the creators and be generally spergy and aloggy to others in the creator's name.
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