Red Lobster Is Teaming Up With PepsiCo To Make A MTN DEW Margarita - fastest way to suicide in 3....2.....1.....go!


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There's never a bad time for a margarita—the only challenge is deciding what kind of margarita to go for. You can opt for classic or fruity, but sometimes chain restaurants come out with unexpected cocktail combinations that will rock your entire world. So goes the story with Red Lobster, as they will soon have a secret recipe margarita made with MTN DEW. Allow us to introduce you to the new...DEW Garita.

This drink comes as a celebration of a partnership between Red Lobster and PepsiCo. Along with the exclusive cocktail, other PepsiCo products will now be available at Red Lobster locations like Bubly sparkling water, LIFEWTR, and Tropicana drinks.

The DEW Garita is the first official cocktail made with MTN DEW and will start rolling out at select Red Lobster locations this month. It will be available at Red Lobster restaurants nationwide by the end of the year.

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I have had some godawful margaritas over the years, this one might just take the cake. If I can bring myself to eat at Crimson Crustacean to have one that is.


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I hope there's a non-alcoholic, decaffeinated and sugar-free version of this so that our Mormon friends can also enjoy it.