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Reddit (written as reddit) is an entertainment, social networking and news website where registered community members can submit content, such as text posts or direct links.

While reddit itself is a large community it's often quartered off into sections for individual communities known as subreddits which include /r/cooking, /r/pics and /r/gaming - Oh and /r/coontown and /r/AntiPOZi/ - basically whatever you're interested in, no matter how untouchable it is, you'll find it on reddit.

reddit is a lolcow in essence of eccentricities and laughability: There are countless individuals and subreddits that would be considered lolcow worthy enough to merit their own posts, but first discuss reddit-related things here.

Front Page.
When you join reddit or browse without an account, you only view the default subreddits in the front page. At any time, there is at most 20 subreddits on the front page for your browsing, so each front page is unique for everyone. There is technically two 'front pages' - one which includes the trending posts in subreddits you're subscribed too (hot) and a universal front page which contains all the top voted posts for the day, week, month year or all time.

It is every redditors dream to be on the front page for their 5 minutes of fame online. Bless their hearts.

Default Subreddits.
The default subreddits used to be the top 20 biggest communities but was changed to the administrator's favourites a few years back, there are now about 50 default subreddits which are hand-picked by global administrators it's believed admins changed this to appeal to a broader spectrum. When /r/atheism was knocked out of the Default List there was a lot of hostility and a lot of redditors were butthurt so much that they left entirely. Most redditors suggest you remove the default subreddits and build your own experience, stating that default subreddits are full of children and vexed by karma whoring (where a member posts for brownie points rather than actual content).

Ever felt like you're the only one out there that likes x? Well: chances are there is a subreddit for you, even if you're some dumb-ass with a really stupid opinion like:

  • Wanting Ebola to kill millions in Africa: /r/GoEbola!
  • Part of KKK? Try to get into the private subreddit /r/KKK!
  • Are you @Holden? How about you take a gander at /r/thatincelblogger/?
  • /r/TheRedPill - a community of men discussing sexual strategy in a culture increasingly lacking a positive identity for men (whatever the fuck that means)
  • @TranLord. Still around? /r/sexwithdogs.
  • /r/beatingwomen.
  • /r/f7u12 - Rage Comics
And guess what? reddit is fully aware that these subreddits exist - every month or so someone asks "What subreddits can't you believe exist?" and they get a lot of replies.

So how do you find some of these subreddits? Try the random subreddit function until you find a subreddit that's not quite right, also be aware that private subreddits can only be directly linked and will not show up in random subreddits. There is also a very shitty search function to find subreddits.

Some reddit fiascos:

  • The subreddit /r/creepshots has been a hotbed of discussion and has been deleted several times, there are splinter communities dedicated to creepshotting young girls.
  • /r/PCMasterRace was deleted after they doxxed several Platform gamers but was returned when there was an outcry of neckbeards wanting it back.
  • One of the top posters in reddit, /u/Unidan, fell from internet popularity when he chimped out on a young poster stating that jackdaws were crows. In the end: Unidan became UniBANNED. Unidan was usually known as the Friendly Biologist and he often answered questions about animals for karma points.
  • reddit is the grazing grounds of several communities, many of which have the polar opposite occupying the same site such as GamerGate & AntiGamer Gate, Bronies & AntiBronies and MRA & Feminists.
  • There have been several thinly-veiled pedophile communities that have sporadically shown up in reddit.
  • The disaster that is Woody Harelson's IAMA where he was asked if he party crashed a school prom and took the virginity of a female student.... and acknowledged that he did.
  • /r/TheFappening was where actors leaked nudes were circulated until it was banned. This was approached with public outcry about how other communities who also had leaked nudes continued to exist.
  • Reddit has a no doxxing rule however reddit members have gone on tirades of witch hunting the most famous being the Boston Bombing Witch Hunt.
Get the Inside Scoop
Reddit is large and many communities are actually very well aware of whats happening around them, there are many subreddits such as /r/subredditdrama, /r/thebluepill, /r/wowthissubexists, /r/outoftheloop, /r/ShitRedditSays and several other communities which cater to the cattle drive. You can get a feel of whats happening by visiting these parts of reddit.

*SRS is filled with SJWs but some posts are worth reading.

In Essence:
Because reddit is anonymous and disallows doxxing, many people show their true colours and intentions: it has become a hot bed of strange eccentricities, opinions and obsessions. If you look hard enough, you'll find crazy shit here!

See this tag for more reddit content.
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Willing to give a tl;dr on this?
When it comes to failed AMAs, Woody Harrelson‘s set the bar almost impossibly high. Harrelson logged onto Reddit in February 2012 to let Reddit “ask him anything” — at least, anything about his new film, Rampart. Unfortunately for the actor, one of the first questions asked (and the one that received the most upvotes) asked him about the time he allegedly crashed a high school prom in LA and took a female student’s virginity.

“Do you remember any of this and can confirm,” asked user AndyRooney, “or have you been so knee deep in hollywood pooty for so long that this qualifies as a mere blip?”

Had Woody and his team of PR people simply ignored the question, it likely would have sunk in the thread. However, he made the mistake of not only acknowledging it, but scolding Redditors en masse: “First of off, its not true, and second off, I don’t want to answer questions about that. Lets focus on the film people.”

Yes, let’s focus on the film, indeed.

“You said AMA,” explained user joetoc. “That means ‘Ask Me Anything.’ Not ‘Ask Me Anything with regards to this movie I’m pushing.’”

“So it’s more of an advertisement, not ask you anything?” asked user Rasalom.

After the disastrous start, his PR handlers attempted to answer a few questions and salvage Harrelson’s reputation — while shoehorning Rampart into the answers as frequently as possible — but the damage had been done.

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I used to browse Reddit a lot a few years ago and I gotta say im suprised there wasnt a thread about it sooner. Seriously its a fun site for finding and sharing things with people who share your interests, the problem is some of those interests can be kinda iffy.

Also the whole site tends to run on a certain neckbeard mentality, and those who oppose that mentallity are quickly treated with hostility. Like I remember when ragecomics were a big thing on there, the front page would always feature a few of them, and for the most part it was usually comics where guys would complain about how difficult getting a girlfriend was, or how snooty young intellectuals would complain about the "ignorant douchebags" they had to deal with in life. Now obviously I found this to be very cringey and this along with my opinion that ragecomics were generally overused and unfunny led to me usually avoiding the ragecomic section. That is until one day when a certain comic was featured on the front page that caught my attention. The comic was written by a young man who enjoyed using reddit but hated seeing all these whiny comics get so much aporeciation. He went on to say in this comic that the friendzone wasnt actually a thing, and the reason that they have trouble getting girlfriends is that they didnt actually see girls as people, they saw them as prizes they could win by gaining enough nice guy points, and the reason they were unpopular was because their arrogace and snobby attitude led them to push other people away. While most of the women on the site agreed with him, most of the other guys began to insult and lash out at him in the comments section, with some of them even making threats to him. Long story short he ended up leaving the site because of all the harassment and Reddit continues to be the neckbeard breeding ground it is today.
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Man, and here I was thinking reddit was the dull, bland vanilla version of 4chan. I suppose I should have known better after reading freaking gamerghazi. Nice to read about all this colorful stuff.

Reddit often jokes about how they're 'scared' of going to 4chan - but of course there's these subreddits which show darker shades than 4chan.

To them other social communities like 4chan, digg, tumblr etc. is a crazy place or is dangerous, they pretty much feed on the idea that reddit is the only website you need.


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Are we going to mention reddit cosmology? R/firstworldproblems and r/thirdworldproblems, even r/secondworldproblems are all easyily enough understood, less so:

Most of which have a unique 'culture' and are regularly updated and have been for years. 7 is my favourite.

Truly bizzarre and worth a quick look.
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Are we goung to mention reddit cosmology? R/firstworldproblems and r/thirdworldproblems, even r/secondworldproblems are all easyily enough understood, less so:

All of which have a unique culture and are regularly updated and have been for year. 7 is my favourite.

Truly bizzarre and worth a quick look.

/r/5thworldproblems was the subreddit that got me to register, that and /r/Inglip which was a religion based on Captchas and making rage comics surrounding them.

I got a reddit account right at the tail end of the "le meme/narwhal midnight bacon" bullshit's prevalence about three years ago. If you can avoid the more idiotic/autistic subreddits, it's a great way to find new information and people to talk to about things you're interested in. That being said, certain users and subreddits are great sources of stupidity for people like us to laugh at.

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