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REmember when r/atheism was a default subreddit?
Reddit has improved itself at least a little in the realm of defaults. Even though everyone complains they're flooded with little kids (which they are), they cover more interesting grounds.
The subreddit I frequent the most is, because the posts are so absurd. There is a lot of complaining done there, but it isn't that bad.
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Just another rancher on The Farms.

Whilst a pretty fun server and most people are just there to talk about the structure of their towns and post game related content; It's got a fair few people there who are pretty lol-worthy for taking the game way to seriously.

CivCraft basically is a server to build towns where items are reduced and you can't teleport. There's mods in place so it's actually fun, but this means that people get really serious if you destroy their farm/means of production or chat shit about a town.

One person called Prophet was desperate to get into /v/'s town after they told him to go away and would post threads trying to rally people against /v/ almost every day. If you want a sure-fire way to start drama call someone bad at PVP and watch the carnage ensue.

Edit: Oh yeah, towns sometimes 'go to war' and the subreddit will be filled with drama about it for a week to a month.


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Never thought Reddit would have its own thread but considering its user base such as KiA and their opposite, GamerGhazi, it should be inevitable. This may as well be something for one not familiar with Reddit aside from hearing some jokes about it and such.


They're shockingly racist!
Reddit was born as a news aggregator, and it will die a news aggregator, but now it only aggregates news about itself. Here are some subreddits doing god's work:

/r/badhistory and /r/badlinguistics
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/r/fatpeoplestories If you've looked at the fat acceptance thread, you maybe have a slight idea of what to expect.
I used to like this one but it kinda went to shit after awhile. There wasn't really a rule about fake stories and since the stories have to contain "fatlogic" you'd get a lot of obviously shoehorned in cliches so that people could justify bitching about someone they didn't like who happened to be fat. Also people breaking their stories up into 15 different parts.
R/thathappened is good but it gets repetitive quickly. I have that problem with a lot of subreddits...