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Discussion in 'Community Watch' started by Valiant, Mar 7, 2015.

  1. Reddit is proof positive that Dr. Josef Goebbels escaped the Fuhrerbunker in Berlin in '45. He's been busy laying low, always learning, studying... he is becoming sentient. It was truly he who unleashed the scourge of social media upon a helpless, unsuspecting world. Slowly his powers grow and consolidate. From all this die Viertes (4th) Reich will rise. His cackling that can be heard while pages are loading is proof that his minions are everywhere and nowhere. They are more than mods. They are the puppet masters who control thoughts. Their psychological warfare subverts free thought, shaming the good people of conscience, until their children go hungry, sacrificed for a few more precious upvotes to validate them; greedily, pathetically hitting reload time after time, while gorging themselves on transfat foods and refined sugars, manacled to their laptops like Prometheus.

    Herr Doktor has learned! All he has to do is factionalize them, turn each group against one another. Let those virtue-signalling beasts of birden casually discuss gassing and killing and hating those they oppose. They will all fall in their proper order. First you make them proud, then you make them hate, then they will gladly kill for you. Napoleon once boasted that he could make men die for little pieces of colored ribbon. Reddiots will make you die for less... upvotes.

    It has already started. Every time you see, "Trump's an exceptional individual," "No, you're the exceptional individual," "Why are you so butthurt?" "You're the one who's butthurt with your false equivalency." "You're both dick-licking cucks, how dare you use exceptional individual I am so much better than you all because I don't call exceptional individuals exceptional individuals, I have so many friends that are exceptional individuals..." We are one step closer to the Final Solution of the Reddiot problem: liquidation.

    Fuhrer befehl! Wir folgen dir!
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  2. reddit, inevitably: I don't like Jews. They're coarse and rough and irritating and they get everywhere.
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  3. I was browsing furry_irl for some memes but then I came across a troon mod quitting to go work at google and accusing the community of being "toxic", "bad for [their] mental health", and "transphobic"

    A few people in the comments join her in complaining about how trap and femboy fox jokes are transphobic and "there are no straight furries" is bashing heterosexual people.

    I lol'd and was mildly infuriated, just like every other time I find someone making a hoopla about "uwu twaps arr twanzphobix"
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  4. The people who complain so hard about how transphobic it is usually do not put much effort into passing themselves. The trap probably puts in a lot more even though they're not even trans.
    Someone claiming to be female and humblebragging that fat chicks ruined the desire for skinny women with blonde hair and big boobs. Don't get me wrong, fatlogic has some great, thought provoking content that is easy to agree with. But there are so many ED sufferers there that they have a specific sub rule to not be pro-ana. The stories these people tell from their lives may not be true but they seem to go into tard rage in public when they see a fat person.
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  5. "the skinny blonde with huge tits fell out of vogue"
    you have to be exceptionally out of touch with reality to unironically say something like this lmao
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    BigRuler lmao bottom text

  6. Wow i can't believe it. I used to browse there kind of stopped around the time the exceptional individual started spamming vore every few hours. It honestly is surprising because it seemed like most people got the Joke because most furriers know that the there are a disproportional amount of gays in community plus hasn't the Femboy fox been around way before the whole trap meme. I mean i remember making those jokes years back. Reddit is like a tumor once it gets a hold of something it slowy grows killing what ever it is attached to by sucking the life out of it until it a hollow husk.
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  7. Maybe someone should tell her that the preferred female body type goes in and out of cycles. Gamine to va-va-voom to Ruben-esque and so on back and forth (and I would argue the same for men, less pronouncedly).

    We should have an r/fatlogic thread. It's not super m.ilky, but there is a continuous stream of bad posts like this.
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  8. Both /r/fatlogic and /r/fatpeoplestories are good for mílking. /r/fatpeoplestories had that big drama a few years back with someone coming in and spamming the place with a made up saga (Twilard I think it was called), almost killed the sub. Last time I looked in the sub almost every story was being spammed with posts screaming fake.
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