Reddit tier newfags on Internet Autism board -


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Seriously these are the worst trash that has ever invaded the site. They're shitting on the floor like Chinese tourists at an airport.

The default avatar for any new signup should be a picture of some kind of fucking retard so they can be identified without wasting any time. I'd say close it the fuck down entirely or put it behind a members only wall but it's probably too late for that. It's still pure cancer and boring and reddit level shit.


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no one's forcing you to read it. if you don't want to step in the chinaman shit then go to another airport, some people enjoy the scent of chinese people's shit. it is not possible for redditors to survive long in an uncensored environment where people are allowed to say the N-word, so the solution is not to ban them or to shut it down but to remove the "nigga" wordfilter.
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Anyone who doublespaces whould be whacked as a warning to these reddit fucks infesting our nice forums with their normiesness. Ban the redditors then rangeban the IPs its the only wayt to disnfect the farms from such rampant faggotry and cringe.
I second this idea.

Fuck redditors.