Culture Reddit, where chaos thrives, tries to clean up to attract ads from big brands - [Deleted]


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atleast reddit is honest about censoring thier site to make it add friendly for maximum profit. there is no free speech there, only shilling and cocksucking.
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These SJW vigilantes are now allowed to run rampant on Reddit censoring everything and everyone. A bunch of psychiatric patients and alcoholics are allowed to dictate public discourse on Reddit. /u/drewiepoodle is the most respectable of the bunch because he seems to have it the most together and works professionally as a nurse, but he recruits all these other crazies to do his bidding for him.

The sooner it goes the way of digg and myspace the better.

I can't overstate how much I fucking hate reddit.

Reddit being the home of edgy content is the funniest thing I've heard all week. But these are the people who think that the chans are nothing but Nazis and child molesters planning out their next mass murder.
I read shit like that and wonder if the people writing it are even on the same fucking planet as I am.

Honestly despite the sheer number of millenials active on reddit you'd be better off marketing to the wealthy whitebeard grognards on digg for better Return On Advertising Spent.

Depending on the cost, if I was Notch and bored I'd be putting up fake ads for big brands like Hugo Boss and Ford on edgy subreddits and them watch them squirm on twitter as they're called out for catering to alt-right diaper fetish furries.


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watch them squirm on twitter as they're called out for catering to alt-right diaper fetish furries.
Most advertising firms don't know the definition of 'target audience' now-a-days. Despite the fact it's 2019, they still use the 'shotgun method' .

On a side note: adult babies are big business if you are a company that is willing to cater to their ... special ... demands.


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And yet they will still try to sanitize it even further.
It'll never end until they've run off everyone, and they'll be left standing completely confused and clueless as to why it's a ghost town. If there's one thing these censor-happy mongrels have proven over the years, it's that they never stop finding things to censor and they never stop trying.

We've seen it countless times now. People cheering on bans and censorship one day getting targeted themselves the next and then whining about it. They never see the folly of their ways until it actually hurts them. It's funny to watch, but it's also frustrating because more people should be fighting censorship by default, not just after they've supported it for awhile and then been censored themselves.

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