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Redesigning FloraverseBecause PK is a fucking idiot

Discussion in 'Art & Literature' started by Bugaboo, May 9, 2016.

  1. Some notes about the rockhoggs because I'm an autist and hate PK's pedolicious inability to depict the age process past dubious young adult.
    The distinctions between juvenile, adult, and senior are fairly clear; even for a slowly aging, diminutive species with little to no sexual dimorphism:

    Infants are clawless and mostly hairless, save for a fine coat of vellus hair. Colors start out as a faint pink but will begin to change depending on the parents' genes around a month of age. Eyesight is very poor and they depend on their parents for everything. Very small. Either sex parent will carry the infant around in a sling or a pouch. (Generally a sling as pouches only stretch so much for a fat healthy infant.)

    Juveniles lack the ability to make their hair turn into crystalline spines (instead it's an irritating guard hair) and their claws are shorter and blunt, fur is soft and fluffy. Still small and less dependant.
    -Juveniles aren't considered adults until at least twenty to thirty yarsy as it takes that long for the adult characteristics to form.

    Adults can create defensive spines and launch them, their claws are short but sharp, fur still soft but shorter in length. Larger than juveniles by a head and a half. Generally regarded as the prime, given they can work hard without dying of exhaustion at this age.
    -Most if not all rockhoggs start families at this point as it is the second longest "season" of their lives. It's not unheard of for litters to be born later, but it raises the risk of complications for both adult and offspring.

    Seniors of both sexes gain a shaggy appearance and larger claws as well as small tusks. Seniors can no longer launch the spines they create. Vision becomes poor due to advanced age and bushy eyebrows, but hearing is increased and their claws can feel the different frequencies of minerals in the earth. Most retirerinto jewel trade or somethig similar. HairHai bristly, but hasn't lost it's faint coloration. Hairier than the juveniles. Slightly shorter than an adult while still taller than a juvenile.
    -A rockhogg can be a senior for upwards of hundreds of years, before passing, if their health is good and accidents/predators are avoided.
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    DatBepisTho Cryptid shitlord

  2. You forget, dubious young adult is like, senior citizen for PK.

    But this is really good! I take it that Pipp is at least a young adult, or someone in his 20s? I thought he was a lot younger.

    Only One - Kanye West (Triste and Lily)

    On The Way Down - Ryan Cabrera (Laxgay and Wraps)

    Everytime - Boy Pablo (Joytail and Anna) (pronouns swapped, obviously)

    Updates coming soon, you guys! don't kill me
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    RADICALGOBLIN www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooEAm7L-sGI

  3. upload_2018-12-7_15-32-46.png

    Sorry if these updates aren't as big. It's the end of the semester soon.
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    RADICALGOBLIN www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooEAm7L-sGI

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