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For those of you not familiar with RedLetterMedia, they are a website and youtube channel that famous for the Plinkett Reviews, Half in the Bag and more recently Nerd Crew.

Nerd Crew is a pop culture "podcast" that satirises the increasing demonetisation of "geeky" properties. One of the personalities parodied regularly is the Collider youtube channel, where they poke fun at their obvious blind fanboyism and fakeness of their enthusiasm. Another youtuber and exceptional individual known as Film Gob has been making videos where he explains the joke of Nerd Crew by juxtaposing moments from the series with their unironic counterparts. At first, they took it in stride.

Recently RLM posted a Half in the Bag review of The Last Jedi, where the Prometheus Rich Evans makes fun of middle aged men who go to Star Wars conventions. Now Collider have decided they're mad, and are going crazy on RLM and Film Gob, blocking the latter and forcing him to take down his mashup videos.

You can read the full story so far on the RLM subreddit. Sit tight with this one, boys, I've got a feeling Collider will keep collectively tarding out at this.


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Holy shit the next episode of The Nerd Crew is gonna be hilarious.
You know if Collider wasn't r.etarded they would just do a counter video making fun of RLM by making them look like no fun nit picker autists or some shit. That way when they say "We can voice our opinion" they won't come across as hypocritical niggers fucking with RLM for voicing their opinion on Collider.

It only makes them look ass mad, and loses any good will or validity they may have had.

Also no new Star Wars media came out past 1998 I have no idea what they are arguing about.
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The meltdown was a long time coming. Even in the initial acknowledgements of RLM's parodies, there's the faintest hint of salt; and it's clear he wants to call them out, but he was probably explicitly told not to by whatever corporate sponsors the show has.
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