Redrawing/editing art made by tearzah/dollieguts and their copycats -

Sub-thread to this to prevent the thread being filled up with redraws and edited art.

Feel free to re post things you've already posted in the main thread. This is an ego-jack positive zone, boys.

I'll go first:



cut for time.
decided to try my hand at this. i fixed up augustus a little bit, since i will admit i love their design.
old augustus.pngnew augustus.png
(original on left, edit on right)
i got rid of the weird waterline and outlined and deshined the nose.
sorry about the weird background change, i fucked it up somehow


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Alright here's my redesign of Bavid Bailey. I couldn't think of anything for the lower half of his human form and I didn't have anything to color them in. I wanted an octopus motif in both human and his true demon form as a reflection of his manipulative nature and the tentacles dripping with some sort of viscous. corrosive slime as a physical manifestations of his venomous words and personality.


Tried my hand at redrawing for quick warm-ups, dedicated to our favorite cotton-hearted orbiter.

Decided to see if I could make their weird wooly eyelashes work.

Honestly I don’t know how these characters are supposed to see anything when they have mustaches for eyelashes.


Couldn’t be fucked to make the twin because neither could Rem.


I told you the merge was gonna happen.
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Honestly I agree, theirs is LEAGUES better than whatever Tea did.

I think it's kind of sad that the commissioner has a much better style than Tea's. Their art looks like something I would see in a fantasy graphic novel or at least a tumblr post with notes in the tens of thousands; whereas Tea draws tits like they're Lola Hartley's bug eyes and eyebrows like blocks of sharpie.


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tried redrawing this in teas commission style but more proportional and accurate to the character, since tea goes very simplistic with this type of art.
ngl, kinda felt bad for tea this time around. the oc is SO ugly, i'd half ass it too.

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