Redrawing/editing art made by tearzah/dollieguts and their copycats -

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Wait, if that's the old style, what's the new style? Sorry, haven't checked the thread in a while!
its ok this is their old style

new style

Another femboy referencing tragedy.
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Hi! I'm the owner of this character. I was wondering if I could use this image instead of hers with credit (I don't know your art account, unless you would like me to credit this account). After learning more about her, I'm repulsed. I stumbled across this site by looking up my characters name, and I'm glad I did- I was unaware of the shit that this artist has pulled and is pulling.


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The OC:

The commission:

I hardcore regret it though.When I said I wanted a flirty or cocky pose for the character, I didn't expect to get something so generic that they've used a million times over.
And while I get it was supposed to be a simple commission, the amount of inaccuracies that go beyond simplifying the character is ridiculous. There's simplifying, and there's just not giving a fuck.
I just don't understand the decision that were made, such as coloring one leg the wrong color, removing or completely changing all of the accessories on her legs like the fishnets, spikes and straps, the choice to change the skin color and make her look like an absolute zombie, as well as color her shirt the exact same opacity as her tattoos in a way that makes them blend together awkwardly and make it like she's wearing some black and skin-colored sweater.
New pose? You want it? It's yours, my friend.
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