Redrawing/editing art made by tearzah/dollieguts and their copycats -


not the best artist, not an anatomy expert, but jesus fucking christ.
This piece was particularly shitty, so here's a sketch. Might finish it up later.
OG drawing:
My sketch (I referenced the pose from SenshiStock):
I actually think the concept of Pawgirls Co. is interesting. It seems like the kind of business that would exist in a piece of modern dystopian fiction. A better writer could probably do something really cool with it.

Anyways, I kind of went with the "retarded catgirl" angle that the original drawing provides. This Pawgirl was most likely abandoned due to being defective: she was born blind. Perhaps she was bought at a discount by a stingy parent for their spoiled brat, who dumped her somewhere far from home.

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Okay so first of all I'm in no way trying to step on @Lil' Slugger 's toes. Their art is super cute! I wanted to do a redraw of this piece before but seeing theirs kinda spurred me to action. Second of all, I have not been paying attention to Tea's stories and don't know anything about Pawgirls so this redraw is most likely super wrong.

But anyway, Tea's original drawing was so sloppy it almost felt like a vent art piece rather than pure laziness, and just my luck I could use a vent art right about now so that's the direction I went in.

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I am slow at finding threads on here it seems, but the drawing threads are a nice break from doing usual art stuff. Quick sketches are starting to help me get back into the swing of drawing after being in a rut for ages.
Anyway, here's a redraw I did of boy/girl with 4 ears.
Cat thing.jpg
I wanted to make them a bit more cute, less just standing there expectantly or something. I sort of also tried to go for a bit of a pierrot idea, so the extra ears are now just a hat, and the outfit is a bit more an attempt at that. I also added hair, as completely bald just looked off somehow.
Mao made me realize I could totally just use this as a warm up sketch before I move onto art that actually matters

I didn't bother try to understand the weird paw feet because Tearzah clearly didn't spend the time either lol

But yeah, turns out the braindead catgirl Avocado and Slugger redraw had another piece on the toyhouse, and boy is her design inconsistent.
I’m not exactly an amazing artist or anything, but I thought this was pretty cute so i wanted to try my hand at it. I tried fixing the weird colors a little bit. I’m not very good with shading so forgive me ...
I decided to add in the lil ow< eye thing Tea’s been overusing lately

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sorry for the messed up boobies
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