Reese’s Thanksgiving Pie is 3.4 pounds of solid peanut butter and chocolate - How dare they make this abomination. I'll take 3

mario if smoke weed

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Jan 20, 2021
making a giant version of a thing doesnt magically makes it good. Reeses are okay but this look legitimately disgusting. As other have suggested, if you really want to, theres probably better recipes out there that will be tastier, healthier(as much as a choco/pb pie can be) and much cheaper.
This. You could probably make a healthier alternative and actually know what's in it and it'd cost less than half of what this four-pound diabetic's delight costs.


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Oct 6, 2021
I didn't think Americans could find another way to make themselves even fatter but I was wrong. Truly America is the land of intervention

Dec 17, 2019
That gave a horrifying mental image of someone trolling lucas werner by sending him one of these.....and him eating the whole thing after pouring an entire container of mustard and pepper on it

Jan 24, 2020
Any pie with a weight that starts with 3-point and doesn't continue with one-four is a waste of empty calories.

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Mar 14, 2021
Doesn't reeses pieces have some type of trans fat in them that's near impossible to burn off?

google peanut butter and chocolate cake and you'll get countless more appealing looking items. For me it would be a toss up between a spongecake

... or a cheesecake

I'm hungry btw.