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First off, god bless Joshuan for his continued valiant efforts to maintain the site, often at great expense to his sanity. You're a brave soul.

As to the coomer question, it's occurring concurrently with an enormous rise in substance abuse rates (it was years ago that overdose overtook car crashes as the leading cause of death in people under 35, and the addiction epidemic in the US has only gotten much worse since), mental health issues, and suicide.

This ain't just a sex issue, on the whole pathological behaviors among the population are increasing, and I feel like the reason why is both obvious and almost completely unremediable.

We're on a trajectory we were always destined to follow, because as a species we're psychologically adapted to pursue concrete goals with more organic interests being addressed as a side effect, not through deliberate action. All through human history people, especially men, didn't have to go out looking for friends, they made them through shared pursuits like hunting or building or addressing local matters or whatever it may be, you met partners through similar means. You didn't choose to go out and get exercise, it was an integral part of daily life.

Hell, even just 11 years ago if you were, for example, a musician and you busted a guitar string or needed to rehair a violin bow previously you'd have to get up off your ass, get out of the house, and head to the music store where you'd also conveniently meet other people with shared interests. Personally I'd still do that if I had the option, but I can't, because every single one of those shops have been put out of business by more efficient means of distribution that remove frictional elements like physical effort and social connection.

And when community goes, so does people's sense of security and stability, which leads to fragile relationships and an unwillingness to create families.

So yeah, obviously people are turning to materialism and hedonism, because finding genuine fulfillment has become such a difficult process that people give up and relegate themselves to whatever shallow distractions they can find to hide from how miserable and isolated they are, especially when they have no community by which to orient themselves in terms of morals and values.

TL;DR: We've sacrificed humanity at the altar of efficiency, and now we're reaping the consequences.
I wouldn't get too nihilistic about it though. Even if the entire rest of the world sucked it doesn't mean your life personally has to.
Corona virus has really done some damage to our psyches.

I said this in another thread but things were already bad in 2019, then they became 100 times worse to now make one longingly nostalgic for the year 2019 as much as anyone could be nostalgic for a year.

It's hard to have any real hope for the future other than hedonistic pleasure (ie sex robots or fully immersive VR) it feels like we're living in a cynical 1970s or early 1980s science fiction novel.

In all seriousness, I really do feel like reality is done, it's played out, our hope now lies either in the supernatural or virtual reality allowing to just check out.

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While going "full poverty" over children is overkill, the question of "why do you need daycare and 2 cars" is a valid one. Or rather reframing it as "why do you need the state and it's infrastructure to take care of your children". And the answer is "because the state needs you to work and be a taxpayer instead of raising children, so that both you and your children become cogs in it's system". Which would increase the butthurt of modern women up to incredible levels of screeching
I don't think it's wrong to want to maintain a certain material standard, as long as they are self-aware about it. But it annoys me when people don't have enough perspective to realise that they have set the bar really high, then complain about it when their expensive lifestyle turns out to be expensive. I keep thinking about my great-great-great-grandfather, who had 14 kids. They lived in a pretty small house too. They didn't have one bed for each child, let alone a bedroom. Also his first wife died and three of his children never reached adulthood, which was typical of the time. Now, of course I don't think that everyone needs to live like that, but I think it's good to know what your ancestors went through to put you on this earth, before you complain that having more than 1 or 2 children in the modern world is indefensible because they might have to suffer the indignity of sleeping in a bunk bed. Maybe live just a bit less like a king?
Besides standards of living issues, there is the particular strain of living vicariously through your kids syndrome where you force your kids to do everything the parent was never allowed or unable to do as a kid.
Ironically, I don't think most kids really enjoy or appreciate the difference between an expensive holiday and a cheap one. Now they might start nagging about going to Legoland if you let them watch too many TV-commercials, but are there really that many kids that just want to relax at Beach Resort #32165? The story about your cousin is funny and strange to me, I don't know anyone who really desperately wanted to go on fancy holidays in that way when we were small.

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OnlyFans whores are ruining the entire fucking world. If you are on OnlyFans you are worth less than shit to me. Whores deserve nothing. I pray that God exists if only so whores will burn in hell.
They're capitalists, you can't fault them for that. If they can make money shoving large pieces of furniture up their ass, more power to them.

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I always thought critiques of onlyfans were really weird. Most of it is just bitter and lonely people complaining about whores doing what whores do as if it effected them in anyway.
Despite my takes in this thread thus far. I actually don't have a puritanical view of porn, I think its inevitable. Banning porn will just create another prohibition period. These puritan wars of cleansing the world doesn't work. We just need to educate others better and yet we don't because everyone else is just as clueless as the ones that need to be educated.


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Only Islam can save us now.
Praise Allah for he is great and powerful

Praise the prophet muhhamad may he live forever.

Praise the prophets for they are the key to enlightenment

Death to the infidels for they corrupt the righteous

Death to the whores for they corrupt the wives of good men

May Allah bless you always brother

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The logic behind people paying for Onlyfans really confuses me, there has never been more porn available to coomers for free, why do you need to pay some individual girl a monthly fee to see things you could google for nothing
Specially when the stuff for free is much better quality, these bitches are not just subpar in looks but they give zero fucks about getting a real camera or proper lighting

I put more work on random fucking pics of buildings I take with my phone than these cunts do with their supposed livelihood
I think a lot of those subs are just people who want to send messages to the girls they jerk off to.
Maybe but a lot of pornstars are/were already on twitter from much before, I remember that from the coomer guy threads since he would follow all of them and do shit like taking a selfie with some slut's branded fleshlight and sent it to her
I'd say the gay community is particularly affected by this degeneracy, so many attractive young gay dudes opt for making Onlyfans content for coomers rather than look for romance.
Theres a gay onlyfans? why? gays are promiscuous as fuck, why even bother paying for this shit?
Where did we fuck up so bad?
When feminism stopped being about actual women's rights and became a rich cunts club that wanted to get back at daddy by ruining other mens lives
Now, of course I don't think that everyone needs to live like that, but I think it's good to know what your ancestors went through to put you on this earth
Sometimes I wonder if my great-great-great-grandchildren will feel bad for me because I never got to live in a o'neill colony, or be inside a true matrix-like VR where you can do absolutely fucking anything you can imagine

Then I remember the world is already going to shit as we speak and odds are those great-great-great-grandchildren will envy me for having clean drinking water

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That's because gay fetish shit is in high demand due to the fact that the gay side of the porn industry is extremely dead set on only doing vanilla shit, no fetishism (if a man is in uniform in a gay porno, it's usually removed in a couple of minutes damn people who want the hunk to wear it the entire time) and worse, as seen with Kink/Bound God's decline, more and more of a push for gay porn stars to do interracial shit.

It's even worse because the Mindgeek sites had a TON of amateur fetish porn that is now erased from existence due to the purge and more to the point, there was a TON of Mindgeek Porntube sites that specialized in VHS rips of vintage gay/fetish porn that is not commercially available whatsoever these days or worse, was only available as loops. So all that classic vintage porn is now lost forever, which is insane. Especially if you are fans of stuff like Zeus Studios or CanAm; stuff that can't even be found on DVD let alone VHS second hand or stuff like Ray Harley's stuff (which is increasingly hard to find, especially after Ray started up a Youtube channel that featured his old films minus the sex scenes, to highlight/celebrate the bad acting in his old films plots after several clips of them became memes on 4chan).
Please post your extensive knowledge of gay porno on the lost media wiki, maybe other penis enthusiasts could help find them. Media getting lost forever is always tragic.
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We live in a sexless society because porn is so abundant. People still instinctively want relationships, so I think a lot of those subs are just people who want to send messages to the girls they jerk off to.

If you're one of these people please kill yourself
With all due respect, men can't be virgins because they don't have hymens. Also we live in a sexless society because the law is a meat grinder for men and young men are not as stupid as Ruth Ginsberg and other demons who run the country are intent to insist.


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Some of my favorite youtubers have made only fans (all of them female.) And I unsubbed because i do not support online whores.
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It was a mistake to make genders known on internet. Our predecessors were correct in asserting "TITS OR GTFO.". Women will always inevitably take advantage of the fools and their money. In the end women deserve nothing but scorn on internet. They deserve no respect for....being a woman. They are nothing. As we are all nothing. They are not special. Their tits are not special. They are things you use and throw out. They deserve no humanity as they produce nothing. They leech off the productivity of the genderless to propogate their worth and crush everyone else.
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