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OnlyFans whores are ruining the entire fucking world. If you are on OnlyFans you are worth less than shit to me. Whores deserve nothing. I pray that God exists if only so whores will burn in hell.

That said, a lot of this whore drama is now on the site. A lot of lolcows are becoming whores. Here is a guideline for dealing with the legalities this presents. I will try to refine this so that any retard can understand it.

1. Search engines really do not like 'nonconsensual pornography'.
Surprise: This applies to consensual pornography, sold as product, hosted for critical review elsewhere.

To better comply with our overlords who can pull the plug on the discoverability of this site at any time, I am going to ask that people start using private tags on their own when posting nude photos. This is especially true on the first pages of threads and unedited photos/videos. Memes are more tolerable.

In general, your tag looks like this:

This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.

Again, this ESPECIALLY APPLIES in the FIRST PAGE of any thread because that is the page you really do not want memory holed!

2. Your critical commentary today makes my fair use claim more viable tomorrow.
Take THIRTY SECONDS when posting OnlyFans content to write a genuine criticism. "lol fat" is a good start, but look specifically at the June leaks:

This is how you write a post, using private tags, so that the content is discoverable and the post will easily endure a copyright infringement claim. I can look at that post and immediately decide I will throw down betting on its legality.

It's not a race to get leaks out onto the forum. Take your time. 30 seconds when you make your post can literally be worth thousands of dollars in an attorney's hourly pay later.

3. The site is not a porn dump, revenge porn, or piracy site.
I'm going to start deleting obvious porn dump threads outright. While all whores are contemptible, not all whores are lolcows. It helps a lot if the thread existed before the OnlyFans content did.

It's also not necessary that every single image uploaded to OnlyFans gets posted to the site. Pick your battles. I am not trying to cultivate an audience of mentally deranged fappening coomers who start treating the site itself like a whore.

Finally, do not ever make comments like "reposting this here to deprive this person of income/adrev on YT! lol!". Retards.
STOP PROMOTING PORN ON MY WEBSITE! But achiveing porn in regards to if its a lolcow making porn to capitalize on them being an e-thot is good for fapping i mean archiving purposes.

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When s that number? Is sex 3 times a month fun but six whore territory?
It's less about the number of times and more about how they go about it. If a woman has pre-marital sex with her boyfriend, that's just casual sex. While a woman sleeping around with little regard for her own personal health or the feelings of others is considered a whore.
When s that number? Is sex 3 times a month fun but six whore territory?
Now it sounds like equivocation. Are we talking about commercial or non-commercial sex? If you’re willing to accept cash for sex you’re a whore. If you’re regularly having casual sex with varied sexual partners in a non-commercial setting you’re a slut.

Asking for a number which differentiates a slut from a regular woman isn’t an argument it’s an admission of autism.