Regarding the apparent and imminent repeal of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act and the future of this website. -


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Willfully? What about inadvertently? Here's another data breach from 2017.
Well, compare that to any other service that's been around half as long.

It's why I said willfully. Glad I wasn't participating then.

Who was the one that wasn't Sieg?
I believe it was @fag0t for posting someone else's manifesto; that one was more likely a shitty roll of the dice on the particular agent that was dealing with that case, you can ask the man about it more if you'd like.

Something about New Zealand and Little Dog Syndrome.

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"All those fucking retards going on and on and on about how this was 4D chess to get compromise on 230, how this was never about full repeal or whatever the fuck, here you go. He got cucked by the lame duck. The most pitiful way to go out. The only way this could get worse for him is if he did something stupid in January to try and stay in office and got booked under the Insurrection Act for it."

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At what point are you willing to say he's a fucking retard who can't keep his forum user data secure? Because to me it doesn't look like there is one.
Please show me where on the doll Null promised to keep your precious forum data secure. Quite oppositely, I recall scrolling past bold and ominous warnings telling me to renounce my sanity before posting here.


So I have to ask, why would they keep coming back?
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So exactly jack shit happened due to this, and everyone doomed over nothing while adding in the usual "please delete A&H daddy Null."
Give them time. Some retard will try this again. I remain cautiously optimistic that there is still bipartisan support for 230, much as there was when it was passed, as ironic as it is that it is the main surviving portion of the censorship bill called the Communications Decency Act.

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