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Regular gamers Vs D$PCredits roll game over?

Discussion in 'Phil Burnell / DarkSydePhil' started by Raven'sChild, Nov 11, 2018.

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no one can help you

  1. Starting this after thinking about this for awhile. A post in the main thread saw me post this. D$P continually calls himself a 'regular gamer'. Being a 'regular gamer' as opposed to a casual or a hardcore one, I thought I'd test a hypothesis: IS D$P a regular gamer?

    Rate your D$P regular gamer stats:

    1) Plays all AAA title games.
    2) Disregards all indie games....unless you have people paying you to play then as some form of goal.
    3) Plays only the AAA titles day one unless they are throw away games because there is a lot of 'Paid hype' around them due to other folks playing them before you were able to.
    4) Rush thru the game ASAP
    5) Never go back and play the game again unless paid to do so.
    6)Played 47 hrs of a game known to take upwards of 60+ to play and most folks have played over 100hrs of ( aka SKY-f'n-rim ) outside of dlc content.
    7) Likes/plays EVERY genre of game
    8) Calls folks names for not liking the genre of games you like and/or liking the genre of games You don't * ( I'm not an FPS nor turn-based gamer nor walking sim/point and click/bubble shooter gamer. I've never called out folks who like those games...okay I've called out bubble shooters. Match 3 or GTFO!)*
    9) watched YT vids or streamers and called the out for giving me, ME, the regular gamer some inside info as to if I, the Regular Gamer, should take a pass on a game/wait to see more when they are given the opportunity to play the game early. ( YT allows edits. Streaming is rt. Hard to 'shill' game when playing it RT.

    Add up +1, add new points or tell me where I was wrong. I CAN take Criticism.
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    Raven'sChild Peep, peep, RAWR!!!!!!111one

  2. "Regular Gamer" is just another insubstantial label Phil uses to justify his hypocrisy. Direct capture and the embarrassment that was KOGaming aside, other back-sliding includes: adopting facecam, shoutouts during gameplay, and the on-screen "Leaderboard", all after lambasting those that use them. Phil can go back on his claims because "He's the little guy", "Everyone else does it", "They're all paid shills but he's not", "He's a 'Regular Gamer' that has to fight against the system, just like you".

    The meaning of "Regular Gamer" is vague enough that he can sell it to nearly anyone. What it means to him is that he's not among the %1 most visible professional video game players. To quote Phil's claims to Italiano-ness: "Someone actually had a name in stream chat, 'PhilIsNotItalian'. Ok, yeah. Making fun of my heritage. I'm not Italian? No, I'm not? Even though I'm at least, at least, 25% Italian, cuz my mom is literally half-Polish/half-Italian. So apparently I'm not Italian!" The grandmother on his father's side was a Regular Gamer, so that's why he's allowed to say "Regular Gamer" with the hard "R".

    Despite his Pro-Gamer career bringing him stupefying amounts of money, this largely comes from a rotating circle of psychopaths. He has the fortune, but not the fame, which cuts at his ego, nullifying his financial success.

    In reality, Phil is the furthest from a "Regular Gamer": He wholly depends on the video games he plays for his income. If he can't monetize the video games he's played for a single day, it is a literal emergency.

    Basically, Phil is not at all well in the head. If the label "Regular Gamer" becomes troublesome, he'll tear it off and pin another to his breast. It would be meaningless to attribute worth to such a claim when he doesn't himself.
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    #2 Haunter, Nov 12, 2018
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  3. Everything Phil does or says is influenced by dollars and cents, the less time you spend asking yourself “gee, I wonder why Phil said that” the more fun you’ll have. The thing is that he either doesn’t want to admit detractors are keeping him afloat or he has deluded himself into thinking otherwise.
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  4. Phil is a gamer whore, he wont play game X unless it gives him money in return!
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  5. There is no definition of a Regular Gamer he fits to. He tries his best to be not regular but being HARDCORE with the way he rushes through the games and uses them as canon-fodder to blow up his "heritage". He plays sooo many games, he has to be a real Hardcore- but in heart also Regular Gamer, right? No, there is a clear distinction between Dave and literally any gamer there is, no matter if "regular" or even a hardcore game addict:

    They like videogames.

    There are a lot of reasons to be a gamer, everyone uses the entertaining value in a different way (relaxing, competitive, creative, kill time) but this is where they meet each other.

    Dave uses games without appreciation, he clearly doesn't care. Games are a tool to show how much better he is than you. He gurgles and spits them out without tasting them. A Regular Gamer on the other hand has an interest in the game he bought and learns "how to game". Meanwhile Dave developed not a single skill which he could have reused in other games, he is the man who wants to bruteforce his way to get a fast and cheap win, no matter how obviously wrong his method is (I rewatched the Bayonetta TIHYDP with Soma Julius recently and it was maximum painful). Regular Gamer? Watch this guy and you doubt he ever touched a game in his life.

    Also Regular Gamers are not concerned with buying all the AAA titles, as they don't need to jump on a hype train. They don't have the need to lure people in their stream to make money, cuz they do not stream. Most people don't stream!
    However!!! Even streamers don't necessarily stream every game they buy (unlike Phil). They surely buy the big hyped games but play them in privat, as there isn't enough time in the world to play them all (and they cost money) or don't want to ruin their own experience by sharing them. Also many big streamers are known for a specific kind or genre of games (cuz they are experts at them), not every game in existence. Playing every new release wouldn't gain them anything.

    Also his opinions on gaming media and what a real gamer has to do to gain his appreciation speaks volumes on how much he understands gaming culture and gamers these days, he understands nothing and only pushes his own agenda with full pride, or rather with "full of himself". Nobody should dare to invade his gaming bubble.

    So is he a Regular Gamer? One of the vaguely "us"? Vaguely yes, with a big "SIIIGH I guess we have to say that". But he is so damn different from a normal regular gamer he shouldn't even dare to present himself as an example of a Regular Gamer and speak on others behalf. He can play his games, but don't include "us" in your bankrupt narrative, fucking piece of shit.

    People like Dave are the reason games get watered down, like we are stupid.

    (edit: damn you mobile autocorrect)
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    #5 Wurstbrot, Nov 12, 2018
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  6. I don't know if I could call Phil a gamer at all.

    Playing games and uploading content to YT is just something he can do that requires minimum effort while achieving maximum (?) profit. Believe me if he do anything similar that didn't require him leaving the house, he would do it over gaming in a heartbeat. Gamers don't break their neck looking at stream chat for what to do next or bash the developers for every title they can't rush through in a 12+ hour span.
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  7. The following train of thought comes from a comment me and a friend of mine once saw and always talk about:

    "How could you possibly beat Ganon in Ocarina of Time without a walkthrough? It is impossible!"

    The reason I bring this random comment up is because similar kind of insanity comes up all the time with every game. There's this large gamer population that can't even use the analogue stick with just their thumb, people who start up adventure games by opening up a walkthrough and cringeworthy elitists who buy expensive collectibles without ever even playing/finishing the titles they come from. They still count as people who enjoy games one way or another.

    The hypothesis: What if DSP really is an above average gamer? I haven't slept well since.
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  8. To answer your first post, I got a +1, maybe. I'd consider it more .5.

    But I doubt that qualifies. You'd have to be a special kind of exceptional to even sympathize with half the things you mentioned.
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  9. You mean, when the majority of gamers is theoretically incompetent, Phil has to be somewhat competent? I don't think this adds up as Dave is one of these gamers who give up on the tiniest obstacle and uses his chat or walkthrough.
    That being said, I do completely understand when his brain shuts down in a livestream, plays like a drunken monkey and can't find the easiest solutions (:powerlevel: I myself was a former pro khantent creator and am amazed how the simple additional task of "do commentary" can ruin the ability to focus or find solutions. Am I simply really bad at multitasking? Could be, I'm fine with that). You can even see that change when Dave shuts up and focuses, sometimes he is suddenly able to play good. He also somewhat improved a little since he stopped his attempts to make shitty sex jokes, now there are just less regular shitty sex jokes. So he might be at least average.

    Or is he? I repeat Bayonetta 1:
    In a cutscene, the very start of the game, a demon kidnaps a guy, destroys a fence and flies through it. After the cutscene you can clearly see for a second his wings in this exact direction.
    He paid no attention and checked everything. Doors are closed, can't jump over walls. He destroys the entire scenery and finds nothing. He tries to jump a clearly existing invisible wall for minutes, shoots everything multiple times cuz it could something. He even tries to shoot some lights cuz they might open something. He tries to shoot a bird, cuz it could open a path.

    There is a prompt right in front of the right way which explains how he can advance (double jump), he gets that but still ignores the way and tries to proceed elsewhere, even so this prompt shows up only at that point. This game is not even vague in the slightest there, it implies the direction through at least 4 methods. How does this make any sense? Not even the worst gamer would try this.

    Edit: Let me count, just from memory.
    1. Cutscene, he could see it
    2. Then sees it again
    3. Camera stayed focused on the hole after cutscene
    4. Hole is the only visible path
    5. The prompt in front of the hole

    More? Okay! For another round of, I guess, 8 minutes he couldn't find out how to activate the "witch power" (witch walk) which he has used 5 minutes earlier. The scene is the following: There is a platform with a deep ravine on each side, only one side has a wall. There is a glow around Bayonetta which implies Witch Walk. It even states he has to use a "witch power".
    What does he do for minutes and minutes even so it's obviously wrong cuz it won't work the first or second or even tenth time? Try to jump down the ravine. Shoot the air. Jump over the ravine (invisible wall). Repeat at absurdum. Then finally he accidentally jumped at the wall and did the Witch Walk.

    Nobody does that, only Dave.

    However, comparing skills isn't important. It's not a tournament. He just has to be entertaining. At least he's kinda entertainingly bad.
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    #9 Wurstbrot, Nov 12, 2018
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  10. Oh I am not saying he's competent. I'm saying he might possibly be better than average, and that's scary.

    And yes, in terms of entertainment he is simply fucking bad.
  11. Its for the $$$. Gimme your $$$.

    Let the green roll in.

    "It's gross. Its for this ($$$). Its not because they love what they are doing, its not because for their love of the game, cus they're true gamers, its for this ($$$) and THIS ($$$) is what its become, It's not about putting out a quality review, It's not about putting out a quality playthrough.

    - Dark Souls Professional
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    #11 SupremeVictory, Nov 12, 2018
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  12. Is Phil a gamer?
    Yes! As mentioned above there is no clear defenition of what a gamer is, but in general it is pretty much anyone who plays a game!
    Is Phil the type of gamer that he claims to be?
    No! He presents himself as a average joe, but how many average joe's rush to play every big game on release and expect lots of money in return? Not that many!

    Would call Phil a hardcore gamer but without the passion for the games, like a chef de cuisine working at McDonalds, just carring about putting food out what ever the quality.
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  13. You can't really tell what kind of gamer Phil actually is because he's playing what he thinks will pull in the most audience rather than what he actually enjoys, but his online persona is definitely not a regular gamer.

    Time spent playing: More than a hardcore gamer. Though that's because it's his job so it's not really indicative.
    Number of games played: Hardcore gamer.
    Amount of games played: Definitely hardcore.
    Type of games played: Probably the only thing he has in common with a regular gamer since they tend to only play new stuff.
    Skill: Soccer mom who has only ever played Candy Crush and is trying to play actual videogames. Jokes aside, in terms of mechanical skills he's not that bad relatively speaking, the problem are his bugged thinking mechanics.
    Attitude:Games journalist. Wants the game he's playing to be effortless and starts having trouble when he has to think or put some effort in order to succeed
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    #13 No creativity, Nov 12, 2018
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  14. Being labeled as a gamer is cringey as fuck.

    Phil, to me, is just and old fart who uses video games as an outlet to make money. This bastard doesn't play them for fun and we all know what it comes down to, is just making money.
    His talk about that Red Dead redemption 2 "controversy" just sounded cold and extreme jealousy. He didn't care about it until he realized
    "Oh fuck this guy got a ton of VIEWS and a bunch of money, fuck that guy".
    Whenever he brings up pewdiepie, his hate comes from the fact the guy makes more money than him, waaaay more money.

    Phil only likes money, food, and horses.
    edit: He's an entitled shitbag.
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    #14 SkippyLongbottom, Nov 12, 2018
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  15. You got it all wrong. He didn't mean he's the same as other gamers, he meant that he games regularly ACK ACK ACK ACK
  16. Because that is all he is. Minimum effort. Maximum profit.

    Phil says he has the hardest job in the world because nothing is more difficult than sitting for 12+ hours a day interacting with his pig pen cheers and donated subs.

    This is the type of comment SJC plugs into his intros for DSP vids lol.
  17. D$P 'plays' games 4-6hrs a day*, 6 days a week...My mom logs more hours playing FarmVille than D$P 'works'.
    * 4hrs when he cancels his 2hr evening stream which is one or more nights a week.
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    Raven'sChild Peep, peep, RAWR!!!!!!111one

  18. If it came to playing what he enjoyed these days though, he'd probably be doing like one David Cage stream a week because the guy is completely burnt out. The dream job has become his worst fear.. a regular shitty job he doesn't want to get up and do every day. I mean he genuinely sounds like he thinks playing videogames is difficult and taxing at this point. He can lay the blame on whatever factors he likes but generally speaking he wrought this himself by spending years forcing himself to play through every shitty console release under the sun. He should have probably been more selective from the off. It may have helped (a little) to disguise his lack of ability. How far beneath "average gamer" he actually is. He can pick up and and get a read on combo timing in Street Fighter better than I can but if I'd spent 10+ years playing this type of game exclusively I would hope I'd be able to do as much otherwise I'd be asking myself what I was doing with my life.

    I've seen games he enjoyed back in the day - the difference might not be immediately apparent but it's clear through the years there are series' he used to actually get into:

    Mass Effect
    Gears of War
    Dead Rising
    Sonic games
    Generic licensed shit related cartoons/comics he liked - Transformers, Ninja Turtles, Spider Man etc

    I would add in walking sims, tame turn-based RPGS and short indies he can blow through in a day or two. Any type of game that asks you to make your own fun by way of actually improving though, is where he exposes how far below average he is. He's the "common gamer" in his own mind because being an everyman has always been his sales pitch. Eventhough he should realize its always been human nature for folks to want to spectate on people who are actually good at things and not simply average at them. It's more his catchall banner for how lazy he is to learn how to play games properly and his excuse for losing ten times and expecting the same strategy to work on try eleven to fifteen.
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  19. Phil's thinks he is a average gamer. He is of the opinion that his experience with any game, is the same for everybody else. Even though in most cases his style of playing , is more like the style a mentally exceptional child would play the game and not that of a normal function human(which he also claimes to be).
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  20. DSP always loved the 'narrative based games' like David Cage's stuff & especially Telltale episodic games. They were mostly story, it was hard to fail the gameplay segments and they were generally short - he could clear a Telltale episode in a couple of hours on release day. This ensured maximum views & thus maximum money in his 2015 & earlier raw views contract days.

    HOWEVER I can point out that these were no longer huge money makers for him, thanks to the switch to Twitch "participation". His Twitch audience generally STFU and didn't cheer, sub or tip during these, and for a time he played them offstream or at least with chat & Muxy's income tracker closed to avoid spoilers. Danganronpa in particular he played almost all of it off stream (only going on-stream & I believe ignoring chat/income near the end because this was the early May 2017 Laveria/Pultavi mess where he couldn't monetize YT videos anyway). I even made a video about the ending of Danganronpa 2 because although that was streamed, he kept chat & income closed until he was done and then gave shoutouts when he could no longer be spoiled on the game's ending.
    Twitch income was pretty terrible on the episodic stuff, Heavy Rain replay did poorly earlier this year too... not helped by DSP fucking up and having notifications hidden BY MISTAKE for the first roughly 2 hours of the playthrough.

    It's not like DSP CAN'T do well at action games though. With some cheesing/handholding & persistence he's beaten all the Souls titles & Bloodborne twice, only quitting on a couple DLCs (Dark Souls 2 Crown of the Ivory King (snow one with trek to the "Lud and Zallen, the King's Pets" boss) BOTH TIMES and infamously Bloodborne The Old Hunters original attempt). He beat Cuphead with apparently some cheesing thanks to his 8/16bit 'Nintendo Hard' experience. He beat Mega Man 1-6 (only cheesing I remember off the top of my head is using the Elec Man exploit on Yellow Devil AND even Ice Man) and X1-2/4-5 (X3 he couldn't tank Sigma and no, the boss didn't glitch, the health bar disappears when you die and it still had a couple blocks left, X6 is a pretty bad game anyway).

    Finally DSP claims he LOVES JRPGs... but his experience before YouTube was with games like FF4&6, Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, Suikoden and has claimed he played DQ4-6 and perhaps 9 off-camera on his (3)DS. None of these are known to be particularly difficult, which explains why he played Persona 3&4 on easy (at least he played Persona 5 on normal, unknown if he lowered difficulty later), the easier spinoffs to the (Shin) Megami Tensei franchise.
    We even saw him ragequit Secret of Mana REMAKE because... he'd have to redo a 2 hours at most dungeon. The horror. That's how most JRPGs were, FF3 DS definitely had a no save final dungeon, I imagine FF4 DS does too...
    His favourite is Final Fantasy IV... the SNES USA version, which is known to be easy. If he ever does the DS remake or even a SNES ROMhack at a higher difficulty we might see some salt, like the classic Gray Couerl moment in FF4 The After Years (a game he played so much in 2011 he skipped Mafia 2 on its original release).

    Strangely he still hasn't gotten around to playing Omikron, his first game when he's played the following 4. It is available on GOG & Steam, although I imagine it's a pain to run on Win8.1 ($3K lemon) easily, at least there's a PCGamingWiki page covering some fixes. With some quick searching it looks like the Dreamcast version has issues on emulators, but the compatibility lists I saw were outdated.
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