Skitzocow Reitanna Seishin / Kara Leigh Reynolds - Pansexual Bipolar Insomniac Youtube Ranter and "My Little Pony" Gore Fanfiction


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Mar 29, 2015

Seems harmless enough, right? Then you look at her comment on that video and get your first red flag:

Not quite as happy and cheery as the video? Maybe the meds she takes for her bipolar personality wore off too fast?

No, like most YouTube vloggers and DeviantArt trolls (yes, she's there too) she becomes incensed about "trolls" who criticize her work. She considers criticism to be "cyber-bullying" and at one point tried to cyber-bully an AD admin into seeing her point of view:



She has also posted some YouTube rants about comments that irritate her, especially the comments made when she takes a CreepyPasta WAAAAAAY too seriously, makes herself look like an idiot, and then backpedals furiously to say "I knew all along it wasn't real, stop making negative comments."

Part of her "My Little Ponies" fan fic:

If you've noticed you don't see a lot of her in her videos, there's a reason: It used to take a lot of make-up work for her to look that good. This is because she had a psychological condition that caused her to want to remove the slightest blemish from her looks by scratching, clawing, digging, plucking and even cutting them out:

I can empathize with her condition, but not with the self-pity she likes to wallow in -- especially when she is known for telling others to stop feeling sorry for themselves. This still hasn't stopped her from developing a legion of fans (many of them younger teens) called "Reitannites" who think she is the definition of AWESOME!

Want more?
Reitanna's YouTube channel --
Reitanna's Wordpress blog:
Encyclopedia Dramatica entry:
Reitanna's personal website (currently closed for "maintenance"):
Fan wiki:
DA Home page:
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Apr 23, 2016
Loved the exchange with the DA mod. Then I went to watch the video and...53 minutes? Nu-uh.


Anything worth having is worth cheating for
Mar 29, 2015
Loved the exchange with the DA mod. Then I went to watch the video and...53 minutes? Nu-uh.
Fair enough. I think if you get about 15 minutes into any of them you'll get a taste for her true colors.
Here are her first and most recent fan mail videos. She goes from "I GOT MAIL! YAY!" to "oh boy, mail".
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Nov 15, 2016
Her blog is certainly exceptional, first for the sperging and second for the fact that it is actually on WordPress and not Tumblr. That second fact surprised me more than the first, I figured this one to be strong in the Tumblr.

Spread the Word of Awesome!

Archived most recent entries, in case she purges content:

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Halloween in Smilesville

“Lucky Me,” She Said with Sarcasm.

Would've done more but is crapping out this morning.

Edit to add: A one sentence highlight that amused me, a jewel among that Iliad of text.

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Anything worth having is worth cheating for
Mar 29, 2015
Reitanna's Freesound Page

Yes, she is also the Queen of Sound FX / Sound Bites. Attached are just a few examples of her prodigious "talent". I also included her impersonation of WWE wrestler Enzo Amore. Most of her contributions there are laughs, screams, and throat clearing. Lots of throat clearing. Apparently she thinks the sound of her clearing her throat is something truly special. Once again, she receives no negative comments or critical comments. I don't know why.

Oh, yeah. That.

How pointless is a life where you view even constructive criticism as a personal attack on you? I can only guess that she demands strictly positive feedback online because she receives very little of it irl. It's a very clear sign of low self-esteem.

Since about mid-2012, Reitanna has been working on a comic (on DA) based on Nickelodeon's 2001 animated series Invader Zim. It is a homo-erotic comic about Zim and Dib (the alien and the only boy on Earth who knows Zim is an alien) falling in love. The artwork is passable, although Zim looks nothing like the cartoon version. Here are some sample pages from Chapter 1:

Interesting that her Dib equates short with being female. Inadequacy complex? And she bitches about drawing the umbrella on almost every page.

She gets totally carried away by how cute her artwork is. She also seems to think that only men have genitalia.

She has blogged about this artistic endeavor on Wordpress:
"So I sketched out chapter one, “Rain,” in pencil and then photoshopped the lines and coloring. Now I look at it, I’m not too fond of chapter one’s drawings, but that’s alright. They evolved in chapter two, “Movie Night,” which I drew and colored traditionally. The rest of the chapters are drawn traditionally and colored in photoshop. It’s the easiest way, and I think it looks pretty good. Chapter two was also meant to be a mini comic, but then it started getting popular…"
The chapter two "evolution":


Fast forward to the present...She is on page 20 of chapter 8 (the story is 20 chapters long) and her comments are becoming the "expected snarky" Reitanna comments we know and love:

That was written in 2015. Page 20 came out a year later. She tells people to go to her website to find missing pages because "DA has a mace up its ass all of the time and took them down because they were MILDLY sexual". On the last page, she whines about being burnt out, that with everything else she does it takes about a year for her to want to create one page. Let's see -- chapters average 25 pages each, 12 chapters left, one page a year -- It should only take her 300 years to finish the comic. Talk about starting something you can't finish.

I'd love to post that info on her DA site just to see how long it takes her to delete it, but my user name on DA is LOLCOW1, so I don't know if the admins here would permit it.


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Sep 12, 2018
yes, I am extremely insecure. it's not healthy.
I have a lot of problems, I'm not perfect, my upbringing was not favorable, and I can be quite annoying. as with all people, my personality clashes with other types of personalities, but it also clicks well with other types of personalities. I suffer from some mental disorders that literally make it impossible for me to deal with certain things, like criticism. but the "research" you did left out every detail that negates your slander about me. I have NEVER tried to get pity or sympathy for my issues. I hate pity and sympathy, all I want is for people to understand me. also, the "white knights" are people who defend me without my knowledge. I haven't said, "ooh, these people are meanies, got get 'em!" since I was a teen. as immature as I still am, I have indeed matured. to people like you, that's probably not saying much. did I get offended by thread? yes. do I think you're wasting your time on a low life like me? yes. but like many people in my past, you have misjudged me. I have very strong morals, one of which is that I don't treat people like shit unless they've harmed me first. about my art... yes, there was improvement between PWF chapter 1 and 2. because I am my own worst critic, I was able to see it, and I continue to improve. unfortunately, I'm not as good of an artist as I am a writer, and I still continue to grow as a writer. I'm sorry I can't handle criticism, but that's my problem, not yours. I'm sorry I'm insecure, but you don't need to make it worse. I'm just trying to live life and be happy. plus, you pulled a bunch of stuff from years ago before I was on effixor or however it's spelled. but pages like this really don't help with the slander that is spread about me, and I think people should actually get to know me before they try talking shit. every single time I feel a little self esteem, people shit on me, and it makes life really hard. I just don't think you'd like it if you were in my shoes. I personally can't understand why people act the way you do. I think that, even if you don't like someone, you should never harass them unless they've personally attacked you. I don't understand how people can waste their life spreading hate about someone they didn't even bother to get to know. looking at this website, it's incredible how malicious it is, and it's unfair to people who already have trouble being happy. as immature as I am, I'm just glad I'm not as immature as people like you. at least when I'm being a bitch without being provoked, it's about general concepts that people either agree with or disagree with. I'm passionate about things, and I also speak my mind because I was never allowed to speak as a kid. can I stop you? no. can I change your mind? I'd like to, but I can't force you. will defending myself make things worse? probably, because people like you LOVE it when you cause someone to hurt. it's sad, really, for you, and I feel more sorry for you than I do for myself. the fact of the matter is, I am successful in many ways, and I am in a good place. I wish everyone would just enjoy being peaceful and not starting drama, because didn't we leave that all behind in high school? my "ranting" is self therapy, you don't have to take time to listen if you don't like it. and I go on wordpress and not tumblr because tumblr is full of toxic people... like you. sad, lonely people who have nothing better to do with their time than take an innocent person and attack them for all the flaws they already know they have, all the flaws that make their lives hard, all the flaws that they wish they could get rid of. I don't like being mentally ill, I don't like my low self esteem, I don't like not being perfect. but in this world, the real world, there is no cure for mental illness, it's virtually impossible to raise self esteem because people will just accuse you of being a narcissist, and there's no such thing as someone being perfect. are you going to cause me to harm myself? no. are you giving me suicidal thoughts? no. am I going to rant about this? no. in a week or so, i'll likely forget about this. in fact, the reason why it bothers me so much is likely due to PMS, and my hormones make my meds not work so well. let me deal with my problems myself. let me do what makes me healthy. just calm yourselves and wonder if I'm really worth it. I mean, if you actually hated me, you wouldn't waste a single second of your time on me. when you take time on someone, you want their attention. the only reason you got my attention is because someone emailed me giving me the link to your thread, which would've remained unnoticed. I just love that you deliberately left out all the details that prove you wrong. so it doesn't matter how much this thread hurt me, it doesn't matter that you technically got my attention, it doesn't matter what you think of me. I don't need to prove myself to anyone, even if I desperately want to, and I hate when people believe things about me that either aren't true, or misconstrued. I HAVE changed people's minds about me in the past, and some have become friends, some just went on their way and went to live their life, and I think that's awesome. I'm not famous, I'm not popular, I am, what I like to call, recognizable, meaning a few thousand people know and recognize my stuff, my name, and even my face. that's fine. I don't do anything I do for popularity, the fact that so many people end up liking my stuff just makes me feel good, because I was always told I would never amount to anything by the people who were supposed to love and support me. I dislike myself very much, but as long as I'm not like you guys, I think i'll be alright. stop pretending to be SJWs, start being nicer to people, and if you want factual information about me, just ASK me, and I can explain to you anything about myself, as I know myself better than anyone. I can guarantee 100% honesty 100% of the time; another one of my morals. but if you enjoy believing lies, that's not my problem. I wish you were kind, I wish you were happy, and I wish we could all get along. if you choose to be toxic, you won't get along with me, but why are you worrying about that? why do you care about me? I am literally just some woman who made some stuff that's the mildest of popular and has some personal problems that I have to struggle with. just because I'm not secretive about it, doesn't mean I like it. in fact, more people should speak out about their problems, it's people like you who make others afraid to try and get help. just to be clear, I had a goth phase from age 14-17, and then I had a short lived rave (fashion) phase. I am twenty-seven years old, I don't belong to a clique, that's silly. I happen to enjoy wearing eccentric clothing because it makes me feel happy. I like to feel happy. your comments about PWF also don't make sense. you said something about Dib being girly? about how males aren't the only ones with genitals? what does that even mean? and lastly, how I fawn over "how cute my drawings are." no, I fawn over the cuteness of the thing/person I drew if I managed to draw them cute. it's not because I'm the one who drew it, it's because I love cute things. I fawn over how cute other peoples' drawings are too. you made me out to seem like some narcissist who is impressed with everything I do... you made me out to be Trump, basically. unfortunately, your kind has conditioned me to belittle myself if I feel too proud of something. I've taken MANY tests (professionally issued), and I've never scored in the narcissism category, though they stated I often feel entitled to things, which is a flaw I was not aware of before, and I trying my best to combat. however, my work shows that I do possess talent in many areas, and I strive to improve those talents to get better, just like every other talented person does. there will ALWAYS be billions of people better than me, no matter how good I get. I am a human being that deserves to feel good about herself every once in awhile, who is allowed to grow in her trades, and who is allowed to show emotion. showing emotion makes you strong. I do not think I'm special, I KNOW that no human is special. I care much less about my birthday, or birthdays in general because everyone gets one, and it happens every year. I am also allowed to make mistakes, but past mistakes do not make me a bad person. was writing this a waste of MY time? yes. so yeah... sorry, but you're not getting the flame war you hunger for. I'm going to go do something productive; I've been acquiring new skills in 3D modeling and game developing. you'd be surprised how happy it makes you to put work and effort into something, so maybe you guys should go get your own hobbies and learn some new skills. make your life mean something instead of wasting it on bad mouthing people, cause in the end, we all know that hating someone just means you can't get them off your mind. you won't be getting any more attention from me.

I know this thread is old, but I recently sent this link to Reitanna and she asked me to post the above.
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Nov 5, 2016
yes, I am extremely insecure. it's not healthy. I have a lot of problems, I'm not perfect, my upbringing was not favorable, and I can be quite annoying. as with all people, my personality clashes with other types of personalities, but it also clicks well with other types of personalities. I suffer from some mental disorders that literally make it impossible for me to deal with certain things, like criticism

Not a verified user, but imma leave this here anyway...

Stay away from the content producing scene if you can't take constructive criticism or deflect obvious troll. You won't grow bigger out of the experience, as you'll end up more distressed and many will perceive you as a sideshow freak to troll for entertainment. We have had enough of the mentally unstable pouring their heart out on the Interwebz like it's some sort of E-Asylum. Nobody owe you anything nor is obligated to give you asspats because you have X condition or are a Y individual.
People need to accept that the quarter of fame quote from Warhol is bullshit. You're not star material if you don't have anything highly personal and sincere to share with a community, in an artful and respectful (I mean respectful, in the sense it's not "crazy with pants on head" way). Discretion is the quality this sorry planet could definitely use more, with the level of narcissism and shamelessness we witness on a constant basis.

Don't forget that you won't get any free pass if you attempt to build yourself a legacy around focal points such as name callings like "bigots" or "cyber harasser" and white knighting proxy wars. We, the anons, don't take kindly to emotional blackmail hindering our freedom of speech. Mostly if it's to peddle some insane garbage kinks...
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