Rekt Galaxies and Fractured Suns - FreeSpace 2 Open mods based on movie IPs - These FreeSpace 2 mods are meant to simulate different movie IPs entirely.

Lately, I've been working on two different mod projects for the FreeSpace 2 space combat game: Rekt Galaxies (a Mortal Engines mod) and Fractured Suns (a 2012 Total Recall mod).

Both mods are meant to simulate different movie IPs, which means they are set within the same universe and continuity as them. While Rekt Galaxies is based on the Mortal Engines movie, Fractured Suns is based on the 2012 Total Recall remake. This is because of two reasons:
  1. The former is possible due to my experiences of working on the latter.
  2. For the former, there's a premise of the film being a good adaptation or a better adaptation or both (there's no such thing!). Author Philip Reeve is fine with the two-hour film adaptation, as his posts on his now-defunct official website and during the third Reevening. There are a certain amount of ardent film defenders, saying that this film will gain a cult following over time, much like 2008's City of Ember before it (even it means it will always remain as a once-off look in our lifetimes, let alone centuries or millennia). Despite this, many people firmly believe there's always a potential future for Mortal Engines in TV, if one plays their cards right.
Both mods casts players as an alien, rather than a human, in an ongoing intergalactic struggle. Both mods are NSFW.

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