Reminder: DSP reads Kiwifarms every day -


Waiting on that race war that'll engulf society
I just love that Phil misses so much Tevin posting. Better swing that banhammer harder Dave!
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Phil, I swear to god if you took our advice you'd do better. Be a proper cynic. Read The Prince by Machiavelli. Take all the information & advice you can get and use it. You have the potential to really regain popularity and success. You just really ought to pull your head out of your arse, put your ego in a drawer for a while and make some changes. You are wasting your chance at rebuilding by being a total twatnozzle.

I think you really suck, but objectively, you really could make something out of your little cult if you took some risks. Let shit roll off of your back. Don't immediately go on the defensive. Laugh at yourself. See a goddamned therapist.

Also, fuck you for being an ungrateful bitch. Count your motherfucking blessings, dude.

New sub goal, 450 subs and I stream me reading The Prince! *looks at chat* WAAAT its not about a price? DUDE THIS IS BULLSHIT

Its a very good read but I don't think Dave would understand what it means. I don't think he even reads.
You're absolutely right, of course. And I am a faggot for wasting my finger-breath.

He has everything a smart person would need to make a proper career and build savings and be quite successful. Shame he's a muppet.

Edit: in the second or third Connecticut Cahndoe walk through he does show his tiny little video game collection and there, on the bottom shelf, was a single row of books. Someone with higher grade austism could dig it out & see what books he owned.

New sub goal, 450 subs and I stream me reading The Prince! *looks at chat* WAAAT its not about a price? DUDE THIS IS BULLSHIT

Its a very good read but I don't think Dave would understand what it means. I don't think he even reads.
He can't be bothered to read "paragraph long" chat postings. His eyes felt like they were on fire after spending an afternoon looking at tax papers. I think we can safely assume DSP and books are not friends.

Elwood P. Dowd

I am the lizard king. I can do ... anything.
Dear DSP,

Dood, I'm confused. :\ Plz explain. How does coming here (or anywhere else) get you banned from Twitch? Be you positive, negative or somewhere in between. KF isn't some kind of brain herpes, causing random outbreaks of negativity pustules as you go through the rest of your life. At least I hope it isn't.

Wing Zero
Hey Phil, stop shitting on Monster Hunter World every chance you get. You abandoned a collaboration with Cryaotic that could have gotten you way more potential viewers and you threw Tolomeo under the bus all for the sake of validating your wrong opinion, just so you could play DBFZ, a game that you ragequit TWICE.

Just grow a pair of balls and admit that you don't want to play MHW because you don't like the series. Stop trying to say it's a bad game when everyone is saying you're objectively wrong.


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@neger psykolog Isn't it just as likely that he gets the info from one of his sycophants that lurks here? I think he is way too fragile of an ego to come here directly & read the shit that gets said about him. More likely, someone he trusts (i.e. gives lots of money) gathers autistic intel from here & reports it back to their goutlord, Phillip Burnell.
He banned @BSV for coming here, though. I don't think he really wants his worshippers to be reading stuff here, much less posting. The last major paypig who showed up here was @BSV and he lost that guy as a paypig.

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