Reminder: Use a real email address and a real password or you will lose your account


Nov 14, 2012
Make an alter-ego email address that you remember the password to so that when you forget your password you can still recover the account.

I get asked every day to fix an account because the owner forget the email password and his account password and now has absolutely no way of recovering the account. When his log-in session is expired his account will be inaccessible forever.

Resetting passwords of accounts whose owners I do not know and cannot verify ownership of is a bad practice and I do not do it. Your account security is your sole responsibility. I warn you when you register to use a real email address and a real password. If you decide to stay and make a thousand posts over a year only to forget your password and the email address you used to make the account, you are fucked and I cannot help you. I go out of my way to ban temporary email addresses for the site because I am absolutely sick and fucking tired of people emailing me for help I cannot give them.

LastPass is free, use it. Mozilla has their own LastPass now you can use. There's a dozen competitors, but LastPass is what I use.
The guy has a list of self-hosted options.

Jan 6, 2019
Am I the only boomer who still writes passwords down in a notebook?

You kids these days and your online encrypted password managers. Back in my day all we had is post it notes and pencils. Then some asshole called JC Denton hacked into all the computers at work. I have no idea how.