Reminder: Use a real email address and a real password or you will lose your account

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One day I will remember my passwords
Nov 26, 2019
Used protonmail and lastpass however lastpass decided it would be a good idea to forget my protonmail, kiwifarms and some other passwords.
Or I just got drunk and accidentally removed them.
Probebly the second option.


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Sep 27, 2019
I use KeePass and forks of it

But sometimes, I forget the database password (in this case, i delete it), or the KDBX file gets corrupted thanks to my shitty usb

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Jun 8, 2019
Some friends at one time set up the following email address got their domain address pulled because it was screwing things up
Same as when Gmail before it was the giant it is now didn't mind you registering someone else's address, as long as you did it in capitals. Fun times back in 2005. Yeah, you did get access to all their emails too incase anyone was wondering.


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Sep 25, 2019
Seriously if you forget your password just like... make a new account? Who gives a fuck? Just make another one. After the Kiwi 9/11 and all the account deletions and name changes and general shitfest that was, literally nobody cares anymore. How hard is it to just say "Yep, its me, I used to be FartBoob29 and forgot my pass." PMs self-destruct now too, so you're literally not losing anything you weren't already gonna lose. I'm sentimental about the stupid masks I wear on the internet too, but come on people.
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