Remove One Lolcow Community -

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Say you obtained all the Infinity Stones or the Dragon Balls or got a Leprechaun wish or what the fuck ever and you could use it to will away one Lolcow Community forever. It's gone, doesn't exist anymore, the members disintegrated from reality.

I'd probably get rid of the diaperfurs. I know there's probably objectively worse groups but there's some uniquely repulsive about them. I just can't tolerate their existence.


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Furries seems like the biggest bang for the buck here, hard to argue with pure numbers. Between nuking the diaperfurs and a good portion of zoosadists, zoophiles, pedos, troons, and weebs it seems like a no brainer. Bonus if we can count Bronies as furries. The only downside is there would be a significant blow to active lolcow threads, but I feel like the resulting black hole created with that much autism wiped out all at once there would be some sort of cosmic backlash of equal and opposite autism.